Indoor Swimming Pool

A swimming pool offers relief from hot days, and gives us an opportunity to unwind, enjoy ourselves, and exercise. Even though they are generally common with summer days, swimming pools are also fantastic indoors as well, offering year round swimming. Indoor swimming pools are a terrific way to cool down after heavy exercising, such as weight lifting, or an excellent way to get in cardio work out. Unlike outdoor pools, you can use indoor pools all the time, without having to worry about the weather conditions.

If you do not like gyms or if you consider indoor swimming pools to be crowded, you can have an indoor pool at your home. This is achievable these days, because indoor pools are more affordable than ever. The first thing you must do is find place for it. If you do not have enough space to put a pool inside, you can add a room onto your house.

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How To Make A Beach In The Garden

By assigning an adjacent part of the garden to shingle, where an upturned boat may be at permanent rest and placement of deck chairs and other such stuff can give a perfect landscape of beach. You can also reshape the garden shed to give it a look of beach hut.

Beach can be of any size, it can occupy the space as much as your pond space. In case you use a liner, you need to extend it to about a meter (3 feet) or more in a particular way. It is really not a good idea to create a beach surrounding the entire pond. This will not only occupy a vast space, but also look untidy.

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Old Furniture & Negative Feng Shui Implications

Most of us do not rearrange the furniture in our home very often. Big pieces of furniture such as the bookcases, sofas, beds and dining tables pretty much stay in the same position in our homes for years, if not decades. Old furniture that hasn’t been used for a long time can create many negative feng shui implications. That energy around such furniture is stale and stagnant. Over the years accumulation of stale Chi will start to emit a great amount of sick energy.

Examples of furniture prone to stale energy build-up are old bookcases. Very often, many of us have great big bookcases filled with tones old books. Chances are, we don’t remember the last time we read, or even touched a book from the shelves.

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Newest Trends In Color And Interior Design

As the fashion world starts to look ahead to spring, they release their predictions and pronouncements for the interior design trends of this year. 2014 will prove to be fast moving light-hearted and fun if these newly announced interior trends have anything to do with it.

What color are your walls? If they’re beige, grey or white, this may be a good time to update your wall color. Rich, deeply saturated colors like navy and plum are the new look. In fact some designers consider navy the new ‘neutral’. If having a navy wall or room makes you a little uncomfortable, start with one piece of furniture or a few fabric accents. If you have beige walls and a white sofa consider how rich plum colored pillows and a throw rug might give that room a nice color ‘pop’.

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Clean Your Bathtub That Look New Again

Over the time the bathtub can start to look old and grimy, and this can change the whole look of your bathroom. Hard water is one of the common culprits behind tough stains on the surface of a bathtub. It can leave rust stains and calcium deposits leaving the tub look like you never clean it, and making it look old and messy.

There are some things that you can do to make it look better. You can refinish the tub, but until you are ready to buy a bathtub refinishing kit there are some things that you can do to make it look better.


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Home Design In 2014

New year is started and it is time to talk about new home design trends 2014. One of the most common changes homeowners decide on is remodeling a room, if not their whole house. This is a breakdown of trending home features broken down room by room.

Living room design trend 2014:

– Turquoise has become on of the most popular colors for living rooms. The past few years used a lot of greens and blues, ending up at turquoise is almost natural. Deep and rich turquoise, not wimpy and pale, has shown up in upholstery, wall coverings, furniture and walls. In home design, Placid blue also will be seen in fabrics, lighting, wall colors, lacquered finishes and much more.

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