Decorate Home With Asian Style Furniture

Asian furniture is always a consideration in interior decoration and individual pieces of furniture, antiques and artefacts are sought after from countries such as India, Malaysia, Singapore, China and Japan. Asian furniture, whether new or antique, brings color and life to homes decorated in any style. Even in modern homes, Chinese dynasty pieces or intricately carved statues from India can fit in perfectly with the decor.

Asian cultures take great pride in their diversity and distinguished histories, and these values are quite apparent in even the smallest piece of oriental furniture. When designing a modern interior, the process usually involves looking at Japanese furniture which is extremely functional and minimalist in nature.

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Color Trends In Interior Design 2020: Pastel Shades Inspired By Nature

Color Trends In Interior Design 2020: Pastel Shades Inspired By Nature – Natural colors in their native environment are the inspiration for this year’s updated home decorating palettes.There are many ideas that we can find when choosing a good color or paint for our home and although it always seems to impose ideas that do not go out of style such as the use of white, so that everything looks more spacious and illuminated, the truth is that today we can opt for the color that we like, without taking into account the space as before. Continue Reading

Updating Furniture With New Fabrics

Updating Furniture With New Fabrics – If your furniture is starting to look old and dingy, perhaps it’s time to try giving it a makeover with some new upholstery fabric. Overtime, fabric can start to fade or get damaged. Instead of buying all new furniture, reupholstering furniture can save time and lots of money. Whether for indoor or outdoor patio furniture, there are many options to make your furniture new and beautiful again. Continue Reading

Easy Ways to Modernise Your Home

Not everyone gets the chance to update the home’s décor as soon as they move in. That may be because of the mistaken belief that you must tackle everything all at once and have the budget for it too. In reality, it’s your home and you’re free to create an individual project out of each room to modernise it. Then you can take your time completing each project in turn, so you don’t get overwhelmed during the whole process. Continue Reading

5 Metal Building Transformation Ideas

Do you have a metal building on your property or are thinking about investing in one? These outdoor buildings have many uses and aren’t just there for storage purposes. In the past, people have transformed their metal buildings into home offices and gyms that they can use whenever they want. Here, we are going to give you some metal building transformation ideas for the interior designer within you. Keep reading to hear some of our ideas. Continue Reading