How to Fit a Dining Room Into a Small Space

A space can definitely limit the types of parties you host (it might not be a great idea to have a kegger in your studio apartment), it shouldn’t keep you from inviting smaller groups of friends over for a dinner party. Here are 5 ways to make room for a dining table, even if you have a small living space and live in a few hundred square feet.

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Modern Flat by West Chin Architect

This modern and fabulous 3400-square-foot flat is designed for a New York couple by West Chin Arhitect, NY. They work in media industry so their design expectations were very high. In the result they got an amazing space for contemporary lifestyle which is safe for their three kids. Almost every room feels light and airy thanks to neutral color palette and used materials. The three-bedroom flat possesses versatility to be transformed to suit evolving tastes as the children grew older. Furniture and surfaces around the flat are made of contemporary materials that are easy to clean and looks very modern. Thanks to built-in furniture there is also plenty of space to accommodate all family belongings.

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Outdoor Patio Curtains

If you and your family like to spend a lot of time on your patio, you probably want to have a good atmosphere while you enjoy your time there. You wish for some warm air outdoors, clear sky and good decoration to keep you comfortable. Sometimes we can’t get all of this, or even none of it, but outdoor curtains for patio may help a lot. How? Let me explain. You can use a lot of different window treatments in your home, there are many draperies that will improve the look of your home and allow you to have your own privacy. But what about all those draperies that offer a bit more than just decoration? Good looks are not everything and you can find practical drapes that will show you a different use for all window curtains.

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How to Get Rid of Household Odors

Our homes are incubators for all kinds of smells. Kitchens, basements, pet boxes and closets generate some doozies! Time to freshen up: These quick fixes will reduce or eliminate most common odors.

Unappetizing Kitchen Smells

Source: Cabbage, broccoli or fish
Solution: Set out a small bowl of household vinegar on the counter next to the stove to absorb smells.

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