Cacti As A Home Decor Trend

Cacti As A Home Decor Trend – Cacti as a home decor trend is something to watch in 2018. You just have to love cacti. They remind us of the beauty of the desert. Cactus themed home products are very popular this year, because their unusual shapes and bright desert flowers make them perfect for decorating.  So you can buy different types of cactus home decor items for every of your room.

You can decorate your home with real cacti potted in different sized pots and vases, but it is more interesting to include cacti to home decor using a cactus fabrics, cactus wall art or cactus themed home accessories.

In this article you can read how quickly you can transform your living space into your dream home with cacti home decor ideas….

Cactus themed decor looks good in your bedroom with a southwest-inspired comforter or pillows. Colorful cacti bedding adds eye-catching appeal to a small bedroom.

Cacti themed wallpaper suits perfect in a child’s playroom and nursery; watercolor-inspired wallpaper is specially trendy this year. It brings a dose of desert chic to your kid’s bedrooms…

Get in on the trend with a cute cactus embroidery. Hang a collection of these needled beauties in your kitchen, bedroom, or as part of a gallery wall.

If you want a dose of desert touch in your kids room, and you are not too much a green lover, this black and white cactus rug is the pick for you.

Cacti add gorgeous texture and color in every living room and they are a good focal point as well. They need to be displayed in a place where they can receive adequately daylight.

Add variety and dimension to your personal art gallery with cacti themed wall art – wall hanging tapestry, watercolor paintings, photographs or posters.

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These stylish cactus cushion covers in beautiful blue/green colors bring the sunshine of the desert garden into your home…



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