Bring The Art In Your Kitchen Design

Bring The Art In Your Kitchen Design – Kitchen design has changed over the last decade or so, and there’s far more stock placed on how we work. The idea of assessing how humans work in certain spaces is being used to create ideal kitchens. The kitchen is the very definition of the active working space.

It’s important to think of the kitchen as a zone and what is central to that is the island. People don’t eat or operate the way they used to, the island offers an area to sit or stand as we lunch and it provides a more casual atmosphere. That is far more relevant to the world today than the formal atmosphere of a dining room, but still keeping families eating together.


Additionally, the open kitchen is now part of living – natural lighting, air circulation and encompassing the outside with the inside. More designers now are encouraging clients to have kitchens overlooking the garden, and if that is not possible to create a garden within the kitchen or just outside of it.

The prep and cooking area of a kitchen should not leave you with your back to people. It should be an open area where you can still effectively communicate with anyone sharing the space. Building the perfect kitchen is all about sight lines and creating a welcoming environment.


The starting point for building the perfect, beautiful kitchen should be the cooking space. Everything else comes after you have the basic concepts in place. The access to a garden area comes next, and your ability to create this space could involve a door or window that welcomes in natural light while also providing a view. Once you have those concepts decided you can come back to the cabinets and how and where they will fit in.

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The trick is getting our needs fit together – the space, sociability and lighting. Our view across the table is as important as our view into the room, this provides us with feelings of security as we can see what is happening.

This can be achieved in a small space, as well, the key is to create the illusion of greater space. Whether you achieve this by leaving space between the tops of the cabinets, or the cabinets themselves. There are a number of ways to create the illusion of space and still make the kitchen a comfortable working space. Storage is important, but utilizing a pantry can reduce the need for cabinetry which offers more space.


When it comes to choose the color of kitchen furniture, it’s personal, however if you are looking to express personality try to consider the resale value. Large manufacturers don’t tend to offer as many shades as small cabinet store designers do. If money is no option, consider a cabinet store designer – these designers finish the painting by hand and it provides a warm touch that is lost in the manufacturing process of the large businesses.


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