Bring Purple Into Home Decor

Purple in history has been long associated with mystery, wealth, and wisdom by royalty and those in higher power. From deep royal purple to lilac fresh light purple, the color is gorgeous in your home and décor. The color purple has feng shui and meditation connections and makes your home feel more powerful and secure. Have you ever noticed a lot of professional sports teams use the color purple as their dominant color? Purple can symbolize power and those who know how to use it in their homes can have a home of strength and security. Here are tips to bringing the color purple into your home décor.

Deep purple is powerful: Purple symbolizes prosperity and therefore should be used throughout your home and décor. Consider using it in your home’s front entry as guests enter your home, artwork, accents, and main wall colors can give off a powerful aura.


Wallpaper trends love purple: Purple has taken on a new look with modern wallpaper. Big, bold prints are being paired with light lavenders to dark plums. Whether you like small prints, or you prefer textured wallpaper, purple has a big presence in the wallpaper world of home décor. Pair bold wallpaper with subtle neutral furnishings to prevent clashing of patterns.

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Decorate your home office with purple: It is believed that purple is associated with wealth, nobility and stature. In your home office consider using purple in your desk supplies, desk and furnishings. Beautiful purples in window treatments and office lighting can bring a spark of enlightenment and creativity to your space!

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Welcome guest with a purple entry door: The first impression of your home will be memorable with a purple door. Purple palette can be an eggplant color to a deep maroon. A purple door represents that your home is prosperous and attracting a healthy life. Matching window shutters and or trim around your front entry add to the presence of your home.

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Pairing with purple is beautiful: Depending on the shade of purple you choose, there is a color that matches flawlessly with it. The contrast between light purples and dark browns, and mustard yellows is modern and sophisticated. Deeper purples work better paired with lighter gold, and oranges. Purple encompasses the fire or red and mellowness of blue which always gives a lively feel to a room.


Children love purple: According to studies, children prefer the color purple over most other colors. Purple can be found in children’s toys, belongings, furnishings and décor. Purple works beautifully in a girl’s room paired with hot pink or in a soft lilac color. While boys feel at home with dark purple paired with red or orange. Either way purple adapts to its surroundings.

Purple has healing powers: It is believed that purple helps with ailments of the head and nervous system. Consider using muted tones of purple where calmness and tranquility are desired. Elderly and overly stressed people may enjoy in their bedrooms and retreat areas.


Purple is majestic and it gives individuals a sense of accomplishment and power when in the same presence with it. From the exterior of your home to the walls of your interior, purple welcomes and gives its occupants strength.

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For any space that you want to feel healthy and secure, bring purple into area rugs, wall artwork and fabrics. Purple can be an accent or can stand on its own and command a presence. You choose how you bring it into your home; it will make you feel great, wherever you use it.


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