Boy Nursery – Ideas For Decoration

Boys nursery should be functional yet whimsical and should have enough storage space. Decorating a baby nursery for your boy will be quite an enjoyable task and you can give free reign to your creativity. There are some fantastic baby boy nursery ideas that work perfectly. You can easily find used blankets, crib bedding, and wall hangers that will help you keep the overall costs down, because of the popularity of these types of nursery designs.

One of the most common types of baby boy nursery designs are the simple light blues, browns, tans, and other natural colors. When you choose to keep your nursery in the basic colors, you are going to have the easiest time finding used accessories. Quite a few other parents have the same idea for their nursery, which makes it easy for you to save money when their child outgrows the room, and they upgrade to a different decor.

Another best selling style that parents love their baby boy nurseries are children’s cartoon characters. If your child isn’t born yet, it may be hard to decide who their favorite character is going to be, but if you are planning for a child that has already arrived, simply take a look at the characters that make their eyes light up when they come on television. These characters, when added to the nursery, will help make your child feel happy, and secure, without you having to spend excess amounts of money on brand new nursery furnishings.


Play ball. Boys and sports have always gone hand in hand, and baby boy nurseries are perfect for incorporating this theme. Baby bedding and accessories can focus on one particular sport, or you can show off a love of all sports with furniture, window treatments and wall decals prominently displaying sports balls of all kinds.

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Animals. Animal-related themes are hugely popular for boys’ nurseries. Baby boy nurseries can be decorated with jungle animals and wildlife decor, or farm animals and barn themes, or they can be embellished with decorative accessories that showcase just one animal. Animal-themed accessories are perfect for baby boy nurseries, including wall art, lamps and toys.


Transportation. Transportation themes are adorable options for baby boy nurseries. Crib bedding, window treatments, wall decor and wallpaper appliques that feature cars, trucks and airplanes add a unique touch to baby boy nurseries. You might be interested in focusing on career-related transportation themes like fire trucks, police cars or rocket ships. Nautical themes are also fun. Ships, stripes and pirate accessories are perfect for a nursery nautical theme.


Insects. Bring the outdoors inside with a bug-themed baby boy nursery. Search for borders, bedding, curtains and accessories that feature colorful creatures such as ladybugs, butterflies, dragonflies and smiling bumblebees. Insect-themed accessories go well with outdoor-themed wallpaper and bedding.

Destinations. Child-friendly destination themes are well-suited to baby boy nurseries. Accessories that feature cowboy ranches, zoos and circuses lend a playful touch to your son’s room. For a cowboy room, consider a rope-themed border with cowpoke bedding and wall art featuring cows and horses. Use baby accessories and bedding that feature animals and bright colors to bring the zoo or circus to your baby boy’s room.

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