Blue Color In Home Decorating

Almost everyone enjoys looking into a blue sky and across a lake or the sea. In interior decorating, you can use the color blue to create a reflective, “intellectual” atmosphere: it’s not easy to overheat emotionally and get upset or aggressive in a ‘cool’ environment – and the color blue has actually been shown to lower our blood pressure and heart rate.

Blue is used in interior design to “expand” the walls of a room by painting them in light shades of blue. Blue color in interior is recommended as expanding tone for small rooms. Light blue color of ceiling will visually make a premise higher and more spacious.You can also use the color blue to cool down a hot, sunny room. Obviously, blue doesn’t actually lower the temperature, but it makes us feel cooler. The reverse is true when you’re decorating a north-facing room. Blue walls, flooring, or furniture can give it a distinctly “arctic” feel.

The psychological effects of the color blue can help you restrain your appetite and lose weight. So you might consider painting your kitchen and/or dining room blue (and eating from blue plates).

Indigo is a vegetable dye that can produce gorgeously deep, rich and very subtle hues of the color blue. If you want to use the color blue to create a meditative, spiritual environment, indigo is a good candidate for you. In classical Indian philosophy, it is the color associated with the “third eye”, our capacity for intuitive understanding.

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Blue is a calm, restful color, perfectly suitable for interior design, especially for bedrooms. It’s a Mediterranean color, one that reminds of the summer and the sea, a define mood booster. For this reason interior designers started to use this color in offices, day rooms and even to decorate summer gardens and kitchens.

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Blue in offices has a good impact on the attentiveness of the workers. People are more productive in blue rooms, focused and creative. Even sportsmen perform better in blue rooms.


The Swedes and Germans often use the color light blue in the interior. His lightness and style goes well with elegant white furniture classical forms, with the finish “under the gold”, clear glass – that’s the beauty of traditional Swedish interior. Sometimes the light blue color use in creation concise, almost geometric forms of furniture. The Light Blue color is a favorite motif of neo-classicism. Furniture, made in a such style – elegant, light and has curved legs, but minimal decoration (for example, a chair can be simply painted in a uniform, often white or pastel color). Quite a common combination of light blue with its close pastels. In such interior is always cozy and warm, and always “the sun is shining”, all feel the atmosphere of tenderness and romanticism.

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Those who like country style, and those who dream to recreate the atmosphere of a country house in apartment will love the lights blue color. Cage, bar, flowers on the windowsill, the combination of blue with blue and yellow – these are typical “village sketches” for your interior.

Navy blue is a dark color that requires careful employment in a design composition. But used in the right amounts and on the right spots, navy blue can be the decisive element to enhance a design transforming a primarily dull space into an oasis of joy.

If you are going to use navy blue to decorate your bedroom, you should always combine it with light, positive colors: white, camel, light beige, light gray, pearl. To make the blue décor even subtler, you should paint your walls in white or light beige. You could always use navy-blue furniture and bed sheets to create that nautical effect you long for. Take care about using carpets in navy blue in rooms with large windows. Fabrics exposed to direct sunlight lose the brightness of their colors because of the UV light beams. If you do have such windows and are very fund of your navy-blue carpet and curtains, consider isolating the glass of the windows with UV resistant filters.

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And be careful: too much blue for a room and that space will become gloomy and depressing.

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