Black Color In Home Decorating

Used smartly, the color black can lend an air of sophistication and elegance to an interior design scheme. Against a background of lighter colors or neutrals, anything in black will stand out. Black interior design is very hot in some parts of Europe and the black color can be just about anything you want it to be. It can be a great accent color or it can be the color you build your whole decoration around.

Black is often associated with negative associations but in interior design black is really an underestimated color. Black is a color full of contradictions. It represents elegance, formality, death, evil, sex mystic and power to mention a few.

Dark colors generally make rooms seem much smaller than they are, so unless you enjoy cocooning, black might not be a great choice for background color especially on walls. Also, painting over black generally takes more than two coats of paint, which makes it a nuisance to cover later.

Still, the number of color combinations using black are huge, though some like orange and black tend to have holiday connotations that would be downright irritating year in and out. One current trend is mixing a neutral room with some pieces of black furniture. The effect can be very elegant, and provides a contemporary twist for a traditional room. Black used with a mix of white and brights often looks very modern.


If you have fallen in love with a big black sofa and your living-room is a bit on the small side, the psychological effects of the color black will work against you: this color can really smother a room and give it a menacing austerity.

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While – in the West – the color black is often used to demonstrate power and social prestige (think black Mercedes and black-tie events), you won’t find much that’s actually joyful or life-affirming about this color.

Use black for:

– Approval of independence
– Create an atmosphere of mystery and intrigue
– Impressions of warmth
– Expression of strength and solidarity

Use the color wisely, like “eyeliner” for a room – ondetails like:

– picture frames,
– accessories,
– small side tables,
– piping or similar detail in textiles (cushions, throws …), or
– an element of patterns.

When shopping for fabrics, keep an eye out for colorful prints or plaids with touches of black. Then add more black to the room with lamps, table trims, frames and mats, pillows, and door and hardware. Accent pieces of black iron are very popular and easy to find. Use a black metal tables base with glass top, black iron candlesticks and light fixtures in a dining room, black iron bookends in family room or home office.


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