Big Kitchen Trends In 2016

Big Kitchen Trends In 2016 – Brass and copper are favored as of late as opposed to chrome and stainless finishes. A wonderful reason to incorporate a classic, copper hood over the range among other elements. These warm metal tones are welcoming and beautiful. In addition, tones close to iron are making a comeback. Expect to see these tones not only in accents, but also large appliances as well.

Natural materials for eco-friendly kitchen

Not only are natural and neutral colors perfect for the kitchen, but they are awesome all over the home. Wood in natural beams and decorative elements as well as brick in fireplaces and walls are rustic and natural, and look phenomenal.



People are tearing kitchens apart to find these natural elements, and accenting them with a copper hood. Although some of these elements cost a bit more to restore, but it is worth it in the end.

Simple and classy – monochrome

Having been around for some time, the sleek and modern kitchen trend will continue through this year. Combining some natural elements to this marbled and glass look makes it more interesting. Adding curtains, backsplashes, copper hoods and wood accessories is a start. This creates a modern but welcoming look.


Color play

From backsplashes to wall hangings and even paint adding a bit of color will also add interest to any kitchen space. A great way to accomplish this trend is to shop for tiles that have vibrant colors. Even if they just take up the space behind the range or sink it will be a stunning visual and a great start to adding other elements that play together nicely with the overall look.

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Outdoor kitchens

The outdoor kitchen trend has not slowed down in the last five years, and copper hoods are perfect for them because even as they weather they look stunning. Many harsh climates are still implementing the outdoor kitchen by enclosing them to some degree and adding sliding doors or windows that can be replaced with screens or closed when the weather is being difficult. The best part is that even when having to be enclosed in glass, the outdoors can still be seen and enjoyed.


Trust that having an outdoor kitchen will be a great addition and impress friends and family with ease. Plus, more importantly it will be a great space to enjoy year round.

Black countertops

There’s something about natural black countertops in black quartz or granite that screams minimalistic yet grand. They can be left dull and matte or be glossy.


Consider having them contrast with other elements of the kitchen. This has been a popular trend for a while, and shows no signs of slowing down. Have them contrast with a cool, bright interior in white or blue. Then, set them off with some copper elements such as soap dispensers, spoon holders and more. Accenting with metal finishes works in any style of kitchen décor.

These are just some of the trends for this year 2016, although some have been around for a few years but since they show no signs of slowing down continue to be a popular choice amongst home and business owners. Consider them and watch whatever investment is made to increase the value of the property.

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