Best Bespoke Wardrobes: What and Where to Look for One

If you’re the type of person who owns a lot of clothes but doesn’t like the thought of having two or more regular wardrobes, you may want to look into bespoke wardrobes. It’s one of the latest trends for home improvements that are definitely worth the hype. This wardrobe type can provide a room with a higher sense of style and functionality.

A bespoke fitting wardrobe is a custom, more spacious wardrobe that will allow you to use your space according to how you want to. This means having full control over the number of compartments, the cabinet’s overall size, and likes.

Now, if you’re interested to learn more about bespoke wardrobes and how to get one, read on to the following sections.

Benefits of Having a Bespoke Fitting Wardrobe

It’s easy to say that having a bespoke fitting wardrobe is the right choice. For sure, however, this won’t be enough to convince you.

Because of this, here is a short list of the benefits that you can get from bespoke wardrobes that you won’t be able to get from a regular one:

Endless Options

Sure, you have many options, even if you stick to pre-made wardrobes. However, if you are looking for a specific structure, material, or finishing, you’ll have to go to physical and online stores to have more than five choices. This can be a lot of work, especially if you’re in a rush.

The said issue can be solved by simply availing of a bespoke wardrobe. Since you can customize your own, it’s safe to say that your options are endless. You won’t also have to go through a number of different manufacturers.

Utilizes Room Space Better

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Regular wardrobes are usually constrained to limited sizes. Choose from small, medium, large, and that’s it.

You also need extreme precision to ensure that the cabinet that you’ll choose will go in line with your current room space. Usually, this ends up in awkwardly fitting pieces, which won’t be an issue with bespoke wardrobes. This is because you can work with the exact dimensions you want without making additional amends.

Allows a More Organized Wardrobe Space

Another one of the most common issues with regular wardrobes is the limited number of total compartments, shelves, drawers, and likes. This results in disorganized stuff that can be a source of annoyance in the long run.

With bespoke wardrobes, on the other hand, you won’t have to worry about running out of suitable storage spaces again. You can add as many compartments depending on your needs.

Things to Consider When Availing of a Bespoke Wardrobe

Now, it’s given that not all bespoke wardrobes are the same. Although the quality will depend on the manufacturer, its total appearance and level of functionality will still rely on what you asked for.

To avoid landing on a not-so-desirable product, here are the two main things that you should consider for the design:

Room’s Interior Design

Since you’re already availing of a custom wardrobe, make sure that it will match your room’s interior design at the same time. This is most especially if one of your goals is to have an appealing furniture piece inside your room.

You can ask for advice from the manufacturer regarding the complementary materials and finishes to ensure success.

Goals and Requirements

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In figuring out your desired wardrobe design, evaluate your goals and requirements beforehand. This means knowing how many clothes you want to fit in it, how it would look in your room, and how long you want it to last. You should also set your expectations since a complex design equals a higher price range and longer turnover time.

Other things that you should consider are your budget, the reputation of the wardrobe manufacturer, special room conditions, and likes.

Where to Get High-Quality Bespoke Wardrobes in the UK

For those looking for a brand that offers high-quality bespoke wardrobes in the UK, Cut My Plastic will be the right choice.

They are one of the top manufacturers in the country and have a lot of good offers. Some of the most notable services include complete control over wardrobe customization. They assure top-level standards and a decade-long guarantee. To make it even better, they’re also a sustainable and environment-friendly brand. You can check out their full offers here.


There’s nothing stopping you from using a regular wardrobe. However, if you really want to make the most out of your space, and organization is one of your top priorities, then you should at least look into what a bespoke wardrobe can offer you. It will not only benefit you in terms of aesthetics but also in terms of functionality.

If you don’t know where to look for bespoke wardrobes yet, you should consider browsing the offers of Cut My Plastic. They provide choices for full wardrobe customization, a 10-year guarantee, and many other benefits. The brand will definitely be a good option for those in the UK.

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