Bedroom Decorating With Garden Theme

Bedroom Decorating With Garden Theme – With a little fun and creativity, the garden can be a great inspirational place in creating a magical and serene environment for a girl’s bedroom. Letting your child participate in redecorating their bedroom is a great way to strengthen your bond with them and help foster their creativity and imagination.

The best place to start in the design process is by taking your child to a real flower garden! While some parks, zoos, and public botanical gardens have spectacular flower gardens, perhaps the best place to start is their own home garden! Encourage your child to describe what they see. Do they see butterflies? What colors are the flowers?

Are there snails, bugs, or birds around, or could they picture a rabbit hiding in the roses? Take all of these design ideas with your child, and find out what they want their magical bedroom garden to look like!


Garden themed teenager’s bedroom

Take note of gardening tools used in gardens that could be incorporated into the room decor. Plain, fairly large metal buckets or plastic flower pots like those seen and used with gardens could be purchased inexpensively, spray painted bright pink or yellow, and used to store toys next to the wall or under a sweet garden bench piled on top with cottage rose inspired bench cushions and pillows! The same could be done to a watering can to be used as a vase for fresh or silk flowers you noticed in the gardens. Keep these and other inexpensive garden ideas in mind!

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The essential theme pieces to a girl’s room like bedding sets, pillows, floor cushions, and throw rugs can be located easily online, and shipped to you within a couple short days while you spend your quality time repainting and decorating. Many collections for bedroom decorating with garden theme include everything from wall decor, book ends, bedding sets, pillows, duvets and quilt covers. You can use these products as inspiration pieces for color and garden theme elements.


Veratex Bedding Collection Butterflies, Amazon

After considering what type of products and designs you and your child want to incorporate into the room (color choices, garden objects you noticed on the garden trip, and furniture pieces), start with the biggest decorating projects like painting and moving in furniture, and then focus on the fun garden details.

A room could be painted in solid feminine colors that are complementary to the theme like a bold pink or combined pink, yellow, and greens in various patterns seen in today’s kid room styles: stripes, big colored spots, and colorful hand painted or vinyl wall flowers.


Another great idea is to actually make the walls part of the theme by painting a mural of a garden! Garden scene wallpapers are also available through some online retailers if you prefer not to paint a garden onto the wall. A mural is particularly fun as it seems to really transform the room into a secret garden. Add to the magic by painting the back of her bedroom door or closet door like an old wooden door to a secret garden.

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After the major projects are underway, look into ways you can use small details to make a big impression. A painted wall bunny peaking out from behind a girl’s bed or curtain and flying butterflies and dragonflies located all throughout the room will delight your daughter’s fancy. Small decorative butterflies found at any hobby store can be tied into the curtain rings on the top of window curtains and even glued to her bathroom shower curtain rings.


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