Bedroom – Blackout Blinds For Night Effects

Bedroom – Can we close all windows during day time and if so what we can do for air? – If these are all the questions erupting in your mind, the answer is an emphatic “Yes”. There is no need to close the bedroom windows which will lead to suffocation without air, as it is not advisable also. The ideal thing to do is blackout the sunlight, from penetrating the bedroom windows of glass or grills – finished – the job is done.

Now another question that lingers in everybody’s mind is using the Blackout blinds in bedroom is alright, but there are many difficulties in using the conventional Blackout Roman blinds or Blackout vertical blinds. These regular Roller Blinds for bedroom available in the market come with a corded set-up of blinds, rolling up or down with a wheel or something like that, making the motion possible. Many of unwary parents have fitted these conventional Roller Blinds in the place of Blackout curtains, and have experienced odd difficulties.


If you want proof for their difficulties, you can refer to the media reports that pamper unbelievable, but true stories of kids getting strangulated by the chords of these traditional Blackout blinds for bedroom. Of course these are stray incidents happening and you may think that this will not happen to your children. But who knows – especially children in their tender age of below 4 years are playful enough.


In children’s bedroom they will not remain in their beds calmly, as you expect them to be. They will crawl or walk childishly here and there and their immediate target will be to see the outside world, peeping through the window. It is in this playful act, many a children were hurt by the chords of the blinds hanging loosely.

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blackout blinds bedroom Roman-blackout-blind

Besides, if you are using the conventional blinds, chances are the bedroom temperature gets heated up as there is no way to protect heat during hot summer days in these blinds. You need help in fixing the blinds with nails, screws and hammer work and still come across difficulties of the movement getting struck.


To find an answer to overcome all these difficulties and with a view to provide safe blacking out of the Sun, during daytimes in bedrooms (and also nights when glass windows reflect outside’s glimmering lights) an exclusive product, the Baby blackout blinds (which can be used nevertheless in other bedrooms as well) are available in the online shops.



What is special about these Baby blackout blinds? Well, first they are easy to fix, manufactured out of a special fabric, get attached on the windows just with a gel, no screws or nails needed, safe for children as there is no chord, magnetic strips hold them tight – but with a gap for insulation during summer and winter to keep the bedroom temperature balanced and a lot more advantages.


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