Beautiful Designed Home Cushions

Enhance interior design of your home by selection of the most beautiful decorative cushions! You can casually scatter cushions over your living room sofas, chairs, even on the floor, neatly place on a double-bed cover or add cushions in the room of your children as an interesting design detail.

For this interior design “project” you did not take much money, and the effect will be fantastic! Also with a little bit of creativity, you can refresh an old cushions by adding small decorative pieces: buttons, ribbons, sequins, lace and embroidered details etc… Play with shapes, colors and textures of your cushions and see how your living space might look nice.


They look nice, they are comfortable for sitting and lying, and they can completely change the look of the room. Use them to revive the monotonous living room, modernized old-fashioned, or balance the garish room.

Rooms decorated with light and mostly monochrome objects can be “lifted” with colorful cushions, especially if you match with, for example, a tablecloth on a table in living room, or curtains. Cushions can be of the same patterns like upholstery on the sofa and armchairs.

Always make sure that cushions are mutually adjusted, specially if you have lots of them. Remember the golden rule of moderation – avoid too colorful, too striking, and generally anything of too excessively. Only if it is your “cup of tea”. 🙂

Let’s us give you some ideas:



floral cushions


Lace cushions-vintage



cushion aplications


pillows01 360x339

cushions pinkbird aqua windows on chair 72dpi


homemade in china cushions fairtrade designers


little beehive cushions cushions japanese

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