Beach Themed Bedding For Cold Winter Nights

Beach Themed Bedding For Cold Winter Nights – If you love the feel and idea of the tropics, even if it is just at the movies, beach themed bedding is a great way to get the feel of the ocean in your home year round. Bedding with a marine or tropical theme can add a special touch to rooms or homes suffering from the winter melancholy. The tropics might mean something to one person and something completely different to someone else. Look through some of these suggestions for ideas about what bedding will give your bedroom a little island flavor.

Color is a great way to make your room feel like you’re on a Caribbean vacation. Solid colors can be combined with prints and other decorations to add the most effective look.


Tropical theme bedding, The Home Decorating Company

If you want to go a little more extreme, find solid colors in tropical hues of bright orange, brilliant lime green and hot pink to add a touch of the abundant fruits you find in the islands. Images such as flowers and birds are wonderful choices for the tropical bed sets that are so popular. Hummingbirds and parrots and flamingos are perfect examples of tropical birds. Bright primary colors in the flowers add to the interest to your beach decor theme.


Hawaiian theme bedding

Tropical fish combined with blues and greens is another way to get a tropical theme in your bedroom. Add your own touches to carry the theme even further. The nice thing about themed decor is that it means different things to different people. You can pick and choose the things that make you think of a brilliant tropical sunset, or jungle foliage, or the blue of a perfect August day on a sailboat.

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Catalina oversized quilt brings the colors of the ocean to your bedroom – Twin $119.99 – King $149.99, Bed Bath & Beyond

A lighthouse sitting on a sandy coastline with the ocean in the background brings up visions of a seaside getaway. The soothing colors of sea blues and sandy browns with a touch of white caps are perfect for a coastal themed bedroom. You can even add a palm tree or two to bring the tropical theme into focus.


Atlantic Duvet Cover + Sham, Pottery Barn, $29.50 to $109.00

Another way to get the tropics into your home decor is to use bedding that has prints of sailboats. With billowing sails and perhaps a warm sunset in the background, you can mix and match prints and solids for color and images reminiscent of sandy shores. Tranquility in the images and vibrancy in the colors can be brought together with the effect of portraying tropical warmth.


EA Holiday – Luxury Bedding Collections inspired by the beauty of Florida’s beaches

How about adding images of seashells on your bedding sets? These can be scallops or more elaborate shell designs formed into images on the fabric. Some shell shaped edges are machine embroidered for a totally different tropical twist. Shell embroidering can be used on solid colors or prints. Some fabrics may also be embossed with a shell design.



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