Bathroom vanity – source of inspiration

First place you visit after awakening is your bathroom. This is the place where your day begins, so naturally you want to get as much as possible delight and inspiration from the things that surround you in order to go on with your day in a marvelous state of mind.

So what should you do if you have a lack of inspiration in the mornings?

Refreshing your bathroom vanity could be the perfect way out. However as you get ready to act, take this process seriously. We all are subject to fashion and are influenced by modern designers, which is why it is crucial to choose the best design solution, that will accentuate your individuality and will be trendy and sophisticated at the same time.

Style. Our advice is to be daring in your décor favors and choose the elegance among modern bathroom vanities. This is a perfect combination of style; it allows you to complement your bathroom with sophisticated touch, while it still keeps you up with the fashion trends.

Color. Choosing the right color is a significant process as well. Contrast glossy black finishers with white surface or choose lacquered silver/black combination with hint of crystals and you will get exquisite piece of décor at your home.

Materials. Solid wood and high quality glass never go out of fashion and are always the top choice for longevity of your vanity.

Here are two unique pieces of inspiring bathroom furniture from Fresca platinum bathroom products that could refresh your bathroom design.

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Fresca Platinum Diamond


and Fresca Platinum Paris


The Fresca collection design is the perfect choice for a minimalist decor and to free up space in the bathroom.

Don`t put away for later the thought of refreshing your bathroom, after all, adding high-quality bathroom vanity is the worthwhile home investment.

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