Bathroom Trends 2019

Bathroom Trends 2019 – Bathroom trends change from month to month, let alone year to year, therefore it can sometimes be difficult staying in touch with the latest trends 2019. Bathroom designers are lately gaining as much popularity as their living room and kitchen counterparts. This is no surprise now that bathrooms are just as frequently used as these other rooms. Because bathroom trends are evolving at such a breathtaking pace, the choice theme for the renovation of your bathroom should reflect your personal style.

1. Industrial style bathroom – A popular bathroom design trend 2019 is a modern look, with sleek and cool industrial designs.Industrial-style bathrooms often feature concrete floors and walls, wood, glass and sleek metal surfaces, even exposed brick. A metal edging is used for a shower enclosure and it adds a distinctive architectural flair.

2. Invisible shower walls – Invisible shower enclosure has got no metal frames instead it has brass or other metal hinges running through the glass. On the basis of looks they give a very invisible kind of a look making a person feel like the shower area is quiet larger than it actually is. The transparent glass shower walls also allow one to play with color themes inside and outside.

3. Wet room bathroom style – Why not create a wet room style showering area for the ultimate in minimal bathroom styling? This will provide your bathroom with a very contemporary feature; to protect your bathroom from getting covered in water every time you shower install a wet room glass panel and define the area with some stunning tiles.

4. Unique shaped mirrors – Though bathroom mirrors are primarily installed to serve a daily purpose while helping you get ready for the day when it comes to savvy bathroom mirror ideas that are certain to add charm to even the most basic of spaces, no matter how small, a unique shape will punctuate it in style.

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5. Wood bathroom tiles – The biggest trend 2019 in tile flooring, including bathroom is tile that looks like hardwood. These wood looking planks come in a variety of styles and colors. With the upgraded inkjet technology, these look super realistic.

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