Bathroom Space Saving Ideas

Bathroom Space Saving Ideas – Bathroom is one of a special place where each person can have rest, enjoy the silence and coziness of a home and think about pleasant things instead of focusing on negative thoughts and problems of everyday life. If you have the same attitude to your bathroom and dream of getting the most out of its space, then you should know that strategy and design matter a lot, when it comes to preparing a bathroom renovation project. The following bathroom space saving ideas may be of great help to you when you proceed to the creation of your restroom interior.

1. Bathroom cabinetry

Even though, the versatility of bathroom cabinets is so impressive nowadays, keep in mind that not all them are suitable for you. The right depth and size of cabinetry becomes a priority in a small bathroom. At the same time, these furnishings should be spacious enough to allow storing your bathroom accessories and belongings. This is also needed to ensure space economy. By the way, small but spacious cabinets also help mitigate negative visual effects to give a small bathroom larger look.


2. Choose the right lighting

It’s not a secret that lighting plays an important role in creating the design of any room. A bathroom is not an exception. To some extent, lighting matters much more in this room as compared to other areas in your dwelling. It’s recommended, of course, to give preference to natural lighting sources like large translucent windows, for example. However, when we speak about small bathrooms, it becomes clear that it’s not always possible to have such windows there. If you have at least one window, you are already a lucky homeowner. If you don’t, that’s not the reason to get frustrated. With so many lighting options and fixtures available on sale nowadays, you will always find the best variant that will meet your needs, preferences and budget.

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3. Use of the mirrors

Mirrors always create spacious effect, because they reflect other surfaces, visually enlarging the area. It’s understandable that a bathroom is unthinkable without a mirror and you cannot but take advantage of this fact. The size, position, shape and other characteristics of mirrors you should choose will depend upon the overall design of your bathroom. Thus, if you have a double sink, it makes sense to hang one large mirror on the wall instead of two small ones. This will give it an impressive look and will also add spacious feel to the entire place.

Another successful idea is to combine the use of lighting and mirrors. There are many mirror models that come with built-in LED lights that do not only create a positive visual impact and contribute to the design of a bathroom, but also enlarge the perception of space in this room. If you don’t like such mirrors for some reason, you can purchase and install LED lights around the mirror on your own to dramatically enlarge the bathroom depth.


By the way, there is one more useful trick associated with the use of mirrors. Home design experts recommend hanging them in front of natural light sources (that is, windows) to reflect light to the advantage. And, of course, do not forget about mirrored cabinet doors that also ensure the desired effect.

4. Choose the right color scheme

There is one more design aspect, which is, probably, as important as the use of mirrors. What we talk about is the color combination you choose for your bathroom. Dark and subdued colors of walls, floors and ceiling make the place visually smaller than it really is. That’s not the best option for a bathroom, where space is a priority.

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A much better idea is to give preference to neutral and light colors or their combinations. If you wish to make some of the areas in your restroom function the focal points, then it’s possible to make them a bit darker than the rest of the area.

5. Make wall niches

If you’d like to give your bathroom a more spacious look, then making a wall niche or several of them is a great option. These niches can be used for storage purposes and they also visually enlarge the area of your bathroom.


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