Bathroom Improving And Decorating With Bathroom Towels

Bathroom Improving And Decorating With Bathroom Towels – Everyone who uses the bathroom will at one point of another need to use a bathroom towel, something so simple and yet so effective when designing a bathroom is the use of color coordinated towels. Just because they are viewed as being essential to the bathroom doesn’t mean that your bath and hand towels should be decorative as well as functional.


1. One way to create a coordinated look in the bathroom is by matching your towels or getting them to compliment a ‘highlight color’ that you pick from the bathroom, either from the bathroom paint itself or if you have wallpaper from a color or hue that can be found in that, that way there will be harmony in the colors that you’ve chosen.

2. Try to find colors that will compliment the theme that you may have in the bathroom, for instance if you’re trying to create a beach-style look then try using aqua, light blues and greens, beige, creams and light-sandy yellows or if it is a childs bathroom try using playful colors, like lime green, light blue, reds, yellows and oranges.


3. Why not add color to a plain-looking bathroom with towels that are vibrant in hue, try combining multiple layers of color by placing towels on top of each other and stack up multiple shades to create some depth.

4. You can use towels that are neutral in color or a lighter shade if you’re concerned that bright towels might fade when you wash them. Ivory, cream, white and beige are excellent choices if you’re planning to redecorate but are unsure of what color palette suit your tastes best as you can accentuate any colors off these towels.

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5. If you want to get the most value for your money and your bathroom then why not try going for plain white towels, the fluffy kind. They will invoke the feeling of being in a spa-style bathroom and you can even re-bleach them if they start to go off-white, this way the color will continue to look crisp for years to come.

6. Choosing seasonal colors is always a good idea, if it’s Christmas then deep reds and greens or if it’s summer then hot and fiery colors, if it’s spring then neutrals and fresh saturated greens and light blue are the best.






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