Basic Kitchen Design Guide

The effective U-shape design is functional and in most cases positions your work area on each of your three walls. The benefits with this are excellent storage and kitchen counter space on three sides. This isn’t the most effective design for entertaining and for accommodating several cooks because of serious traffic problems in your kitchen area.

An additional aspect to consider is that you will need to have the standard 8×8 foot area and anything less will not give you the minimum 4 feet work area which is encouraged for the middle of your room. Inside a sizable kitchen for optimum effectiveness, locate one work area in a freestanding island.


The L-shape design permits two work areas on one wall as well as third upon an neighboring wall. This kitchen design is a lot more productive regarding space compared to U-shape design particularly if the primary work stations are situated close to the bend of the L. The L-shaped design is not suitable for tiny kitchen areas and also you have to enable ample open counter space between the two work areas which share the same wall. Such is at minimum four feet.

Additional points to consider will be the arrangement of the work stations that are critical. Your work has to move from your fridge to the sink and then to the range cook top then your serving area. A good perfect eating space will be the area opposite the bend of the L.


An island design is a favorite style since it includes a freestanding work area generally including the kitchen sink and stove top. This is an excellent design for big kitchens in which the work triangle surpasses the twenty-six foot guideline which determines that for optimum performance.

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Island designs are not well matched in kitchens in which two work areas has to be on opposite walls. The kitchen island can be a convenient area regarding specialized counter tops for example butcher block for chopping veggies or perhaps marble intended for rolling out these scrumptious desserts. An additional concept is a moving island that may roll outside to your deck or patio whenever entertaining guest.


Any time one end of your island is anchored to a wall or line of cabinets, this is known as a peninsula design. This peninsula kitchen design provides all the usefulness of island however, does not require as much space. Like islands, the peninsula design provides the cook a work area and a view into another room as opposed to just in the direction of a wall. Following meal preparation, a peninsula will be able to also become a serving buffet or bar.


The single wall kitchen design is typically found in smaller, vacation homes and apartments. This layout is considered the most space saving however is least effective for the cook. Typically there is a entrance at each end that could result in plenty of through traffic. This can cause a number of difficulties in addition to aggravation for the cook.


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