Backyard Bonding with Kids

There is nothing more fun than getting out in the fresh air and spending some quality time with your kids. It could be something as simple as heading down to your local park or hanging out together in the backyard, but getting into the outdoors as a family is always something special. For those of you who are struggling to come up with activities that will keep your kids attention, here are a few that everyone will enjoy.

1. Have a bbq

It doesn’t matter if you’re five years old or a hundred and five, a bbq is something that everyone loves. Consider picking up a George Foreman grill to Tesco Direct for a great cookout at home. Alternatively head to a park or a campsite with the family for some al fresco dining.


2. Go on a hike

Hiking is a wonderful and easy way to get your family active and out in the natural world. It also gives parents a wonderful opportunity to show their children the diversity and beauty of plants and animals, as well as our need to protect and preserve our parks and natural landscapes.

3. Gardening

This might sound more like a chore than a good time, but if you purchase your kids some small wooden or plastic gardening tools they will have a great time digging and playing in the earth. Over time, gardening will also give them the opportunity to see plants grow and bloom before their eyes. You could also consider planting a tree, which will grow alongside your kids over the years.

4. Treasure hunt

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Kids love intrigue and the thought of being rewarded for discovering something or learning something knew. A treasure hunt provides them with the opportunity for both, as they will learn to decipher questions and think logically, and will be rewarded with fun gifts and prizes.

5. Backyard camping

Heading out on a real camping trip is a great option, but if it seems a little too stressful than you can also opt to have a backyard camp-out. Just pitching a tent and rolling out some sleeping bags will give kids the feel of being out in the wild, which they’ll truly enjoy, even if they do come inside half-way through the night to return to their beds.

So be sure to enjoy the summer weather while it’s here, by getting your family together and exploring all that the outdoors has to offer.


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