Ayazpasa House – Turkish Culture In The Contemporary Design

This apartment is called “Ayazpasa House” and spotted in Istanbul, Turkey. The architecture of the house is mixing an exciting combination of modern details and traditional Turkish elements; the loft has a fresh feel throughout. It’s very beautiful glided ceilings and beautiful moldings that create an elegant image, with a soft vintage touch. The details on the ceiling, marbles, fold-plated accents are the main design of this stunning vintage luxury interior in the house of Istanbul. Marble is a material also found in the washroom, where there are marble touches all over the room, as well as a marble-framed mirror.

The golden ceiling is in the kitchen. This is truly luxurious kitchen with exotic golden touch. Entering the bathroom, you will find some luxurious marbles materials, and these stay in stunning and vintage interior design.

The main living areas are given the special and varied treatment of the walls. The walls of the house are removed to reveal layers of paint used over the years, and some are covered in white tiles.

The flat has an extremely high ceiling, another dramatic feature that originally set the scene for the design of the space. The kitchen has an ornate gold ceiling as its most significant feature, so the design on the floor level is kept simpler, with all the appliances integrated in a single large marble block. Wood is used for the cupboards for a stunning contrast of materials, while providing a breath of warmth to the space.

The Ayazpasa house was designed by Sefer Çaglar and Seyhan Özdemir, pioneers of architecture studio Autoban. The wooden pieces of furniture create a warm atmosphere. When you also add the comfy nest chair, everything seems very inviting and cozy.

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