Artwood Furniture And Accessories For Fall/Winter 2015

Artwood furniture and accessories for Fall/Winter 2015 – Artwood, founded in 1969, is a Scandinavian furniture manufacturer and seller. The fact that the company is Scandinavian does not means that their furniture is in Scandinavian style – on the contrary! Artwood designers are inspired with American and European vintage style, so their furniture is darker, heavier and more luxurious, than the other Scandinavian manufacturers, such as IKEA.

Fall interior trends for 2015 are mirrored in calm colors and natural materials. Rustic wood furniture, carefully shaped chairs and leather armchairs, combined with basketry, and light concrete coffee tables are the top hits for this winter.

Artwood accessories are compatible with the cold Scandinavian winters. Woven and knitted throws, eco fur, and fantastic cushions – everything is on the high design level. All seems to be designed with one goal in mind – to wrap ourselves while outside is snowing. Fall/Winter 2015 collection offers also various storage baskets, seaside style wall decorations, sports decor such as vintage tennis racket, wooden vintage kitchen trays…

One of the highlights is a ‘Gyro’ lamp collection, which combines crystal chandeliers within vintage iron globe. It comes as table, floor or ceiling lamp.






artwood 3


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