Antique Picture Frames

The real purpose of a picture frame is to focus and protect pictures. Antique picture frames are precursors to wholesale products in acrylic or metal. Antique picture frames have a history dating to the 2nd century B.C., with the finding of borders around Etruscan cave paintings. The frames were primarily used for isolating and safeguarding particular paintings.

The first antique picture frame was the carved wooden frame found in the Middle Ages, when frames were usually made by painter himself. It was during the Renaissance that frame making gained prominence. Professional frame makers came into the forefront and antique picture frames reflected the furniture style, from ornate to gilded or rococo. Generally in wood or metal, antique picture frames add a touch of glamour to surroundings, and at the same time enhance a picture.


Antique picture frames can be in Victorian style designs in carved or ornamental wood or metal. Not everyone can afford genuine antique picture frames, but popular reproductions are available. Made in wood or metal, these reproductions appear like genuine pieces and suit our budget.


The word of caution: if antique picture frames are not used appropriately they can mess up the picture and decor of a house. One can be an art connoisseur, but if frames just do not gel with modernistic fittings then whole purpose of antique frame is lost. No point in distracting attention from the framed picture, which is as precious as the antique frame.


With mass-produced items gaining economic predominance, a majority of us prefer simple frames in wood or plastic to reflect personal style. Antique frames in wood and metal became collector’s items. It was not long before changing attitudes and perspectives have forced antique picture frames into the limelight. They have once again graduated from collectors’ item to a must-have item.

Finding antique picture frames can be your largest challenge. But, the search is well worth it. Just imagine the look and feel of adding these to your home. The age that they have and the years of history that they’ve seen definitely means that they have a unique story to tell.

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antique-frame5 renaissance-frame

Renaissance antique frames


Victorian antique picture frame, circa 1880


Antique Victorian Carved Oak Wood Picture Frame, 1897.


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