Antique Chandeliers For Sense Of Elegance

Antique chandeliers are one of the noteworthy parts of our history that are widely remarked for creating and enhancing the decor of the room. The ambiance of any requisite area can easily be impacted with the lighting effect. Gone are the days when chandeliers were thought only as a glass-adorned and crystal lighting fixtures crafted from wood, brass, wrought iron, etc. Now-a-days, with the advancement in the market, these are elegantly designed using variegated materials.

Antique chandelier is an elegant masterpiece adds a sense of elegance. Apart from just brightening the ambiance, these lighting fixtures can lavishly decor the surroundings. An antique chandelier is one of the finest designed chandeliers that stand high in terms of both quality and design.

Also, because of its design in fragile metal-brass, it ensures long-term practicality along with timeless elegance. Featuring an antique look, these chandeliers conjure visions of royalty and opulence.


Advantages of antique chandeliers for home are:

– A perfect blend of craftsmanship,
– Providing new decor style,
– Perfect for any room,
– Don’t make room cluttered,
– Capture sophistication of previous era.

Variegated options from where you can buy antique chandeliers are:

Antique shops: Here you will find a wide range of options to select from. You will simply have to choose the one from this extensive range.
Online stores: There are several online stores that offer exceptional quality chandeliers.
Auctions: There are numerous auctions that either occurred online or in other places. One can buy it from there.
Flea markets: In these markets, though you may find old ones but surely that will be priceless.
Estate sales: Undoubtedly, you will have to do a bit more research for these, but you will surely find the one that meets your demand. Moreover, you may also find the much better.

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The key points to consider while choosing the right masterpiece:

Material used: Almost, all these chandeliers are composed of brass, wrought iron, crystal, bronze and antlers. These are distinctive and mark a unique style statement. So, if one is not made of these materials, it isn’t antique.

Identifying marks: Since these are antique, these will surely be featuring the distinctive marks. These marks are the indication of the era in which these were crafted.

Selecting the space: Every room decor has different space. And these decorative pieces must be selected according to room decor only.

Measurement: This is an important factor. As unless and until you have correct measurement, you won’t be able to choose the right one for you. May be either you will find the one that hangs too low or too high.


Tips to install your antique chandelier:

1. Check the weight. Whether, it’s heavy or lighter. So, that you choose the ceiling junction accordingly.

2. Check the circuit box. Always ensure that the electricity supply is switched off to avoid shock.

3. Remove the old light fixture properly.

4. Attach hardware properly. Always screw mounting strap in junction for strength.

5. Check security. Properly twist wires attached to the ceiling and then turn on nuts in clockwise direction to ensure security.

6. Check the space. Always ensure accurate head clearance.






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