Amazing Safari-Themed Nursery for Baby

Expectant parents want to make everything in the nursery perfect for their new baby.Bright, cheerful colours and appealing designs are essential when planning and furnishing the nursery environment. Equally suited for boys or girls, a safari themed nursery can provide visual interest and stimulation for the baby while offering numerous possibilities for adding unique touches that set this room apart.

By coordinating wall treatments, furniture and baby bedding sets to complement the safari theme, expectant parents can create a warm, welcoming environment for baby that offers the visual stimulation young minds need to develop and grow.

Wall Treatments

Parents can choose from a number of different wall treatments when designing a safari-themed nursery. For painted walls, neutral shades like tan or ecru can provide a suitable backdrop for appliqués and posters, while pastel colours can be repeated in bedding and carpeting to produce a more cohesive look for the nursery. A colourful wallpaper border with images of happy safari animals can add visual appeal to the ceiling, while more artistic parents may wish to stencil images of golden giraffes, orange tigers and black-and-white zebras onto the walls to reinforce the safari theme. For parents who prefer wallpaper for the nursery walls, more elaborate designs that fit in with the colourful animal theme can set the stage for baby’s adventures.



Most parents prefer carpeting or hardwood floors in the nursery, and both can work well with the safari theme. Deeper colours may help to hide stains better, while beige and tan seem to go with every design choice. In general, choosing a cheerful colour like blue, green or yellow and repeating that base colour in furnishings, wall treatments and other nursery basics can create a more polished look for the finished room. Hardwood floors can often benefit from a large area rug that complements the safari theme while protecting the floor against scratches and spills.

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Because the safari theme is one of the most popular nursery selections, parents can choose from a number of delightful baby bedding sets that feature lovable zoo animals and that can be combined with matching wallpaper borders and toys to produce a neat, pulled together look. A more sophisticated look can be achieved by purchasing solid-coloured baby bedding sets that complement existing floor and wall treatments.



Depending on the size of the room and the artistic abilities of the parents, it may be possible to decorate the crib, bookcase, bassinet, changing table and toy chest with appliqués or paintings of the safari animals. Brightly hued lions, tigers and elephants can march proudly across the surfaces of these nursery basics and can be repeated on walls or by purchasing stuffed animals that fit the safari theme. A mobile featuring stuffed tigers, bears and giraffes can be a delightful addition to the crib and may even stimulate the baby’s growing imagination as well.


Designing a safari-themed nursery is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to create a cheerful, visually appealing environment for baby’s first years. By reinforcing the theme with green plants, wallpaper borders and clever touches like wall nets to hold stuffed animals and other toys, parents can create an ideal nursery environment for their baby at minimal out-of-pocket cost.

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