Amazing Fresh Color Inspiring Design by Jordi Vayreda

This welcoming home in shades of gray, green and pink used to be a two level industrial building. Luckily, it recently went to a complete make-over and now it looks like a vivid and playful crib. It is amazing how adding a little color can completely turn around the way a home feels. This was probably what the designers had in mind when filling this place up with colorful decorating elements such as fluffy pillows on the floor, small rugs and tiny rustic containers.

It is amazing how you can change quite a bit of color to the room will look very beautiful and luxurious. This was probably what the designers have in mind to fill this place with colorful decorative elements like soft pillows on the floor, rugs and rustic small container. As a result, the white background, these concepts and create a visually appealing contrast. The living room, dining room and kitchen are connected not only physically, but design-wise also. Close-up of the banking arm could also serve as extra storage for books.

We like how this home seems to be decorated by respecting a fun pattern, one that involves color and youthfulness. If you want your interior home decor, maybe gives you inspiration.








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