African Safari Decorating – Wild Africa In Your Home

Surrounded by unique textures, patterns and color, encouraging harmony with the environment is greatly enhanced by free roaming of elephants, hippos playing in shallow waters, antelope and zebra coming in for a drink, giraffe feeding on the acacia and lion prides lounging in the shade. African safari decorating offers an appealing approach to any home design with its blend of African influence and European Old World style. This compelling, tasteful lifestyle emphasizes relaxed living, offering the overall effect of a natural and comforting environment.

The African Safari theme conveys a mood which is overwhelmingly attractive, with its abstract and organic works of art, mixed with rugged timber furnishings and fine fabrics, creating a seamless blend of the natural along with the luxurious.


Earthy tones such as browns, rusts, golds and burnt oranges are predominant throughout African safari decorating, with fabrics and pottery offered in a wide range of patterns and colors to complement any decorating style. Fabric embroidered threads are often colored with plum, yellow, red, brown and black, and are made from local plant dyes, creating the beautiful color palette so popular in the African motif.


Color schemes tend to mimic the scenery of the African region itself, with savanna golden browns and deep reds worn by local tribes. Furnishing your home with island antiques from different periods of history, decorating in traditional color schemes such as periwinkle blues and jade greens with influences from the sea, purples and pinks reminiscent of breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, all evoke the splendor of the land.

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Furniture and Fabrics

Safari-oriented furniture can come in a variety of different flavors, and is often adorned with various different animal hides, including leather, leopard spots, zebra stripes or tiger skin. Traditional hand-painted fabrics, woven wools and cotton textiles serve to complete an impressive look.


Another favorite option in African safari decorating is the traditional rattan and bamboo, used in chairs, sofas and tables, with scattered cushions in bright African prints and designs.

African fabrics come in a wide array of weaves, textures, colors and designs with vibrant geometrics and bold golden accents. These unique textiles often repeat a single symbol, representing security and continuity, as well as meaningful proverbs or historical events.

african prints

Particularly popular and unique to African safari decorating is mud cloth (made from dye out of fermented mud), which is cloth decorated in colorful patterns, or may picture such things as African tribal dancers, local animals and flora. African decor also offers appliqued cloths and embroidered velvets used to decorate furniture and bedding.

For an authentic Safari inspired theme, add down-filled quilts and mosquito netting atop a four-poster bed. Bed linens and cushion covers made of cotton lace, painted fabrics from adorning cushions and upholstery, all will serve to complete the effect.

Plants and Accessories

African Raffia, palm trees, and of course, bamboo are a must in this style. Adding to that, red roses, croton, Nandi flame, Lamu and other indigenous trees including jacaranda, frangipani, avocado, banana and grevillea palms enhance any African decor.


With roots firmly engrained in rituals and tradition dating back eons, accessories found in the African safari decorating theme link us back countless years throughout the ages.

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There are many options to choose from in this theme, from African tribal designs to deep forest safari decor, and below are some ideas to help get you started.


– African wall hangings, such as masks, animal skins, or hand-forged copper works

– Colorful and patterned African fabrics on pillows, bed spreads and as wall hangings

– Leather trunks and crafts

– African candleholders, matchstick and incense holders

– Leopard, Tiger and Zebra print rugs and furniture throws

– Stained glass bottles

– African tribal designs displayed through masks, drums and spears

– Wooden fruit and water bowls

– Animal figurines and statues of giraffes, elephants, monkeys, zebras, cheetahs, leopards and tigers

– Ivory horns

– Candles depicting animal skins of zebras and tigers

– Palms and other leafy plants potted in African styled pottery

– Bamboo vases

– Colorful palm weaved Zulu baskets

– Persian rugs


In African safari decorating, dining tables are nicely warmed by adding a beautiful iron candelabra as well as rustic hurricane lamps. Plain or ornate wall sconces placed indoors, on verandas or courtyards, offer a soft and inviting glow.

Pendant lamps fashioned after unique Kenya fish traps, animated animals, skin print lampshades, or pineapple-based lamps, all convey the Safari ambience without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home.

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