AEG Kitchen Appliances

A century ago AEG kitchen appliances were found in Germany with a philosophy of perfection. AEG kitchen appliances create a perfect kitchen space with stylish cooking appliances. They have variety of kitchen appliances like induction stove, gas stove, microwave oven, warm drawers, dishwashers and fridge cum freezers with wine coolers to fulfill the customer’s requirements.

Ovens. We can watch the cooking process accurately through MaxiKlasse™ oven enlarged door and cook the food with perfect color and texture. And the ThermiC° Hot Air cooking technology guarantees specific heat circulation and temperature in the oven. Pyroluxe®PLUS model oven reduces the food deposit to ash and saves the energy also 20%. AEG kitchen appliances oven keeps the heat inside and cool outside through the IsoFront® Top door mechanism.


AEG MaxiKlasse™ oven

Different types of dishes can be cooked, baked, steamed or grilled by AEG ovens. These built-in ovens will fit into small or huge kitchens. They present a marvelous performance with adaptability and consistency in modern kitchen.

Dishwashers. AEG ProClean™ dishwashers convey the performance in the most silent way. They are designed to fit in small or big kitchens to take care of the heavy load. Its XXL tube gives extra room inside to hold large size plates and pans easily. This model functions with AutoOff function which saves water and power simultaneously. The novel ProClean™ satellite spray ensures that every corner of the utensil is cleaned in a proper way. All kinds of kitchen items are well placed in the basket design to get a crystal clear wash.

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AEG ProClean dishwasher

AEG ProClean™ dishwashers

Fridge-Freezers-Wine Coolers Side by Side. AEG appliances designed a standalone fridge cum freezer with wine cooler for a perfect alliance to the modern kitchens. PerfektFit™ side-by-side fridge freezer LCD display touch control option helps to store the food efficiently. The LCD display conveys instant feedback on the current settings and the touch controls are sensitive to operate with a light finger touch. The fridge holds 169 litre gross capacities to store variety of food, drinks and raw materials for the kitchen.

NoFrost technology will ensure the freezer completely free from ice, as well as non-defrost. Their DynamicAir Technology maintains the temperature all over the refrigerator in which the food items are kept safe and secure. It also prevents the bacteria growth in the fridge cum freezer. PerfektFit™ side-by-side fridge has liberal internal capacity with space divisions to store the food items in an elegant way. AEG Fridge Stainless-steel anti-fingerprint finish supports the proficiency in today’s modern kitchen appliance. The electronic digital control panel shows a feedback, whenever we alter the fridge temperature. This will help us to do accurate temperature adjustments.

PerfektFit side-by-side fridge freezer

AEG PerfektFit™ side-by-side fridge freezer

AEG wine coolers are perfect for serving and storing the wine bottles. The wine cabinets are designed to preserve a dedicated humidity level to avoid the corks from drying out. The wine cabinets glass door is coated with UV filter to protect the wines from light damage. The refrigerator restricts dangerous sensations from the compressor that can spoil the wine. The wine bottles are stored in the finest condition.

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