A Room Full Of Collections

A Room Full Of Collections – Long ago you were given a blue plate, then you bought another one at a local bazaar and then a friend gave you one for Christmas and, before you knew it, you had a collection! Your collection of plates, dolls, jelly moulds, tin cans, or whatever, offers great decorating possibilities if you display it well.


Perhaps you’re a traveler and have brought back souvenirs that share a common theme – scarves, plates, luggage labels – you can frame or hang them on a dull wall. Ethnic collections can bring fascinating textures and color to a room. Hand-loomed fabrics and carpets, primitive sculpture and hand-woven baskets will all complement each other.


Try to create a theme in certain rooms. An old favorite is a marine theme in bathrooms – shells collected from holidays long ago, framed shell prints and perhaps a mirror surrounded by shells. Libraries and studios lend themselves to collections of old photographs, sporting trophies or memorabilia, and old prints.


Kitchens are ideal for displaying utensils – old jelly moulds, ornate cake plates, bottle openers, scales with weights and measures, beverage bottles and old stoneware jars, all bring a rustic, cared-for and friendly look to a kitchen. If you are lucky enough to own one, an old timber dresser makes an ideal home for a kitchen collection. Collections of quite large objects, such as copper pans or baskets, can look wonderful suspended from the ceiling on hooks.


Vintage biscuit tins collection on the kitchen wall

Collections in entrance halls make a great decorating statement. This is often the first impression visitors get about the owners of the house and your first chance to show off! Our photograph of old-fashioned vases, shaped like hats, shows a colorful and whimsical touch, especially when complemented by a large bunch of spring blooms in a quaint old jug. Take care though, if you have small children and a large dog, a table in the narrow entrance hall may not be the ideal place to display a precious collection of china.

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Some collections just evolve, or you can set out quite deliberately to assemble objects in a decorative group. Sometimes items from different eras can be combined successfully, but keep a color or theme link between them. Old theater programmes, nautical bits and pieces, books, paintings of a particular subject, colored china, fashion accessories or toys are all varied and delightful when gathered and displayed in interesting collections.


Straw hats collection as a part of coastal themed entrance


Vintage suitcases


Collection of mirrors


Vintage jars collection





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