70’s Organic Architecture & Rough Masculine House

This rough masculine house located in a small coastal village in the Tramuntana region of Majorca, a house style inspired of the 70’s organic architecture its very masculine house design. The owner of this house is a famous fashion show producer and furniture designer, Alexandre de Betak. Inside the house, the decor in every room and the interior is very simple and even rough. Very unique house with ambiance that is very minimal but warmly.

Most rooms have views over the Mediterranean Sea, devastating. This house was inspired by the 70s of organic architecture. Interior of the house is very simple and crude, but there are many original decorative elements. These elements are the clay ashtray R2-D2 and Darth Vader, and iPod dock Flintstones-style rock, rock lights, bathroom singing rock, pop and lock more. The owner has managed to create a home with minimal environmental and warm.








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