7 Signs Your Windows Need Replacing

Whether you have recently moved to a new home or have been in your current home for a long time, there are always jobs that need doing with regards to the upkeep of your house. When it comes to making home improvements and changes, we often make the huge mistake of neglecting our windows.Windows don’t last forever, and while you wouldn’t expect to replace your windows every couple of years, it is important that you keep an eye on the windows in your home so that you notice any signs that they need replacing.

Getting new windows is often one of the jobs that we leave until last as we worry about the expense, butfailing to replace your windows when needed could result in you being faced with a much larger bill in the long run. A better-quality window should last you around 20 years, as long as they aren’t exposed to any extreme weather conditions, but if you have a window that is older than a decade, then you may want to listen up. Here are 7 signs that your windows need replacing!

They’re Damaged or Broken

In some cases, you may be able to repair a damaged or broken window without having to replace the whole frame, but this needs to occur as soon as the damage occurs. If a broken or a damaged window remains untouched for a while, then it may become too serious an issue for a quick fix. That is why you should also check your windows and their condition so that you can spot any issues as soon as they occur. Also, if you find that you are regularly having to get your windows fixed or repaired, then this could be a sign that they need replacing all together.

High Energy Bills

One of the biggest ways in which homeowners realize that their windows need replacing is when they see an increase in their energy bills. To test for this, you should stand by your window on a cold day and see if you notice a change in the temperature compared to the rest of your home. Similarly, you can touch the window and see if it feels cold to touch. This a sign that the warm air in your home is escaping and being cooled down once it reaches your windows. Not only is this a waste of your energy and money, but it also means you are unlikely to feel as warm and as comfortable as you could in your home.

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Poor Window Operation

Your windows should be easy to open and close, so if you find that window operation is difficult, then that could be a sign that your windows are broken or rotted, and thus need replacing as soon as possible. Sometimes, after the winter months, you can struggle to open and close your windows easily, but if this persists,then you should get them looked at. Poor window operation is common amongst wood windows, which is why you should consider getting them replaced with double-glazed windows.

Decaying Frames

Probably the most obvious sign that your windows need replacing is if you can see that your window frames are decaying or leaking. Again, this is more common in wooden windows as when they are exposed to moisture, and once a small amount of liquid penetrates them, they can quickly get worse. Having leaky and decaying frames can lead to serious safety issues, so if you see any signs of window decay, you may need to get your windows replaced as soon as you can so asto avoid any further damage.

Your Windows Look Out of Place

If you have recently re-decorated and have given your home a makeover, then you may find that your old-fashioned windows now stand out and don’t fit in with the décor theme you are going for. Whether you are trying to modernize your whole home or even just upgrade the appearance of a room, then replacing your windows is a great addition.

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Soundproofing Problems

If you notice that you can hear increasingly more noise coming from your street and the surrounding areas, then this could be another sign that your windows need upgrading. If you aren’t sure, then do the sound test by standing quietly by a window in your home and see what you can hear. Can you hear a car drive by? If you have single-pane or double-pane windows, then you will likely still be able to hear the noises, as they transfer the sound to the inside of your house. While hearing a car driving past may not seem like a big deal at first, when noises from outside start to add up and happen during the night, you will soon start to notice the lack of peace and quiet.


While not all condensation is bad, if you have noticed your windows steaming up a lot then this could also be a sign that your windows are in need of replacing. You should try to analyze what sort of condensation it is and where in the window it is occurring as this could help you work out whether you should be concerned about it or not. For example, if you can see that condensation is occurring in between the two glass panes,then this could be an indicator that the seals in your windows aren’t working correctly.

If you are concerned that your windows may need replacing, then be sure to heed the advice and tips we have provided, as not only getting new windows improve the appearance of your home, but it can also save you money in the long term.

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