5 Ways to Use Your Conservatory

Conservatories are beautiful additions to any home. While many associate conservatories with out-dated, draughty rooms that passed their sell by date in the 70s, there are many ways modern homes can make use of conservatories. Today, we’ll explore five popular ways people are using their conservatories, and how you can make the most of the extra space.

Fitness Room

Going to the gym can be a chore that often many people opt not to do. Having a home gym can relieve some of the hassle associated with exercising. In our article ‘Gym Design Ideas For Your Home’, we discussed how a conservatory can be one of the best rooms for exercise because of its open design. Having a gym overlooking your garden will help with your motivation, as you won’t need to travel to a public gym to exercise. Fashioning a fitness room out of your conservatory also gives you the refreshing feeling of exercising outdoors while being protected from the cold or the heat.

However, some people are wary of using their conservatories as home gyms since they feel like they can’t do anything else with the room. This isn’t necessarily the case as there is a lot of fitness equipment on the market that can be folded and stored away easily when not in use. With the right equipment and a bit organisation, your fitness room can be converted into something completely different come the evening.

Indoor Garden

Indoor gardens are a growing trend in modern homes, and the perfect way to show off your plants and flowers. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they also help keep the air in your home clean, especially if you live in a crowded city. The English Garden explains how orientation is an important aspect of any conservatory being used as a garden room, as this will determine relevant shading and ventilation. This of course is especially important in order to keep your indoor plants alive and growing. For families who don’t want to do major renovations to their garden in order to have more plants, this is the perfect way to create a green sanctuary.

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Dining Room

Conservatories are beautiful locations to host a summer dinner party or spend a nice Sunday lunch with the family. However, a key reason why conservatories aren’t being utilised as dining rooms is because they get very hot during the peak of summer and freezing come the winter. However, a conservatory can be used all year round if proper insulation is installed. Modern glass coatings from companies like Four Seasons Glass make window panes cooler in the summer by reflecting the heat away, and warmer in the winter through proper insulated coatings. A list of uPVC conservatories on Screwfix shows how many models now come with toughened safety glass, which will provide better insulation during the colder months. This way, conservatories become comfortable spaces for dining no matter the season. Investing in a design with simple engineered glass can transform your conservatory into an all-year round dinning area.

Kitchen Extension

Given the right configuration, you could also consider converting your conservatory into a kitchen extension. The conservatory could be used for more preparation and storage space, or you could add an extra table and bar for informal gatherings. A kitchen extension is a more homey and practical alternative to turning your conservatory into a dining room.

Study Room

Gone are the days where your study room has to be located in the dark corners of your home. A conservatory can serve as a perfect location for a study room, home office, or studio. The soothing ambiance and brightness provides ample inspiration for productivity. Additionally, it’s important to invest in the right set of blinds. While it’s lovely to have a lot of natural light while working, there will be moments during the day when the sunlight is coming directly into the conservatory.

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