5 Tips to Installing a New Deck on Your Property

A nice deck in the house can give not only an additional elegance to your house but more room for family members to gather together and bond.

While it may seem easy to built your own deck, the process may be a tad challenging, especially if you do not have any idea about installation.

Here are our five tips to help you install your new deck without getting into trouble.

  1.  Avoid a poorly built deck

The first thing you should keep in mind is the quality of how your new deck will be installed. Neglecting this part might give you a headache in the future. If a new deck was constructed poorly, it can rot quickly and can even result in damage to the house.

  1.  Select deck material with high quality

Find out where exactly would you like your deck to be in place. You can choose from attacking it to a back door, freestanding style, or off of a second story.

After which, take note of the design and make a list of the materials you need.

Invest in decking materials that last. Check the ones that have good flashing details and can last up to decades.

The majority of decks are made up of wood, which has been the traditional material. But through time, composite decking has been making waves in the industry. Despite its higher price, it is considered as an investment and a way to save in the long run because it can be cleaned easily.

  1.  Get a permit

Installing a deck also means you need to get permit from the local government offices to secure that you are abiding by local building codes. Consider the depth of your footings, as well as their locations and make sure it is in line with the local codes in your area.

This also guarantees the safety of your family. Besides, this ensures that you will not have a problem when the time comes that you want to sell your house in the future.

  1. Hire experts
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While many house owners can do quick fixing on their own, installing a new deck is another story.

When you are all set on the materials and the design, look for experts who can do the installing for you.

Also, installing a new deck requires materials that can either be purchased or rented. For example, you might need to dig holes for the post, which can be done if you consider looking for a mini excavator rental. If you are looking for somewhere to rent what you need, there are a lot of available companies that offers services in the community. All you need is inquire and research.

  1.  Protect with a quality finish

A deck which still looks good even after a decade is possible. Using a coat finish which can protect the wood for several years is one surefire way. For a wood deck, it might need several months before applying a coat, depending on the manufacturer’s instructions.

Installing a new deck may come with a price and full effort. But the advantages of having a nice looking and safe deck on your house is all worth it when you spend time on it with the ones you love.


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