5 Things to look for in a new leather sofa

Leather sofas and couches are some of the most durable furniture pieces that you can buy for your home. These are ultra-durable and will not be affected by the pets in your home. These pieces of furniture are stylish and sophisticated and as such, they are some of the best investments that you can get for your home.

Now, how can you tell the quality of the leather sofas on the market? What are some of the benchmarks that you can use for this purpose? How can you tell that the leather on the sofa you are buying is genuine? Well, there are a number of factors that you can consider when purchasing leather sofas.

Here are 5 things to think about and consider when buying the best brand leather sofa for your home:

  1. Types of leather

This is a very important aspect of the leather sofa that you need to consider. If you want to buy leather sofas that will last much longer, you should consider the top grain leathers. This features natural markings of the cowhide and the texture is much different from the slit grain type of leather. The most durable leather sofas are made from the top grain leathers, which are normally created from the outer layers or the outer parts of the hide.

  1. The leather finishes

Be very careful when it comes to leather finishing. There are some leather sofas that could be upholstered with some cheap plastic materials and then these are finished with genuine leather so that it looks classic. You should avoid bonded leather as it consists of synthetic polyurethane that is sprayed with some leather shavings to give it a “genuine” leather look.

You need to know that sofas made of leather are normally finished with aniline dye and the natural texture of the leather can show through.

  1. Construction of the sofa
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The manner in which the leather sofa is constructed is also another factor that you should consider. The best quality and the most durable sofas are constructed by the use of hardwood frames. If you buy a sofa that is constructed from softwood or plastic frames, then be assured that it will not be sturdy and won’t last long. When you are buying your leather sofas, ask the dealers how the wood has been processed and whether it is hardwood or not.

  1. Types of cushions

The cushions are part of your leather sofas and the manner in which they are made should be a point of concern to you. Consider their shape and the kind of foam that is used to fill them. The best cushions or filled with polyurethane foam which is more supportive, durable and also firm. If you are interested in cushions that are softer, you should consider those filled with synthetic foam and natural down. This is the best combination that gives luxurious and softer cushions for sofas.

  1. Easy maintenance of the leather sofa

This is a very important factor to consider when buying your leather sofas. Think about the manner in which you will clean and keep the leather well maintained. Is it water and stain resistant? If not, how will you go about the cleaning process? Is the cleaning process affordable for you? Consider the seam strength of the sofa. What kind of conditioning and cleaning products will be used on your leather sofa? Ask these questions when you are buying the sofa so that you can determine the maintenance cost of your sofa.

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