5 Things to Consider When Personalizing Your Interior Design

When designing your space, you may have several influences. There may be times when your design will depend on the size of your budget. Ultimately, one thing that you shouldn’t forget is to match it with your personality, since it dictates your lifestyle and how you intend to use your space. Here are some things you should consider when choosing a design based on your personality:

1.  Look At Your Closet

If you are unsure of the design aesthetics or color palette to use when designing your home, take a cue from your closet. Check out your favorite items and see what colors stand out. Do you have a preference for a particular fabric, or are there patterns that you constantly refer to every single time you dress up? If you see fleshy tones and earth colors, you can reflect this in your decorating approach. If the clothing pieces you have exide elegance, then choose decorations that give off that luxurious vibe.

2.  Build Style Illustrations

When you are looking for design themes that resonate with you, you may realize that it can be overwhelming. There may be several items that excite and interest you that you may want to incorporate into your home. If you are in a bind, try creating style illustrations. Go around your personal space and look at the things that match your emotions and overall look. Build it into a vignette and draw inspiration from it. In no time, you’ll have a home exuding with character.

3.  Go Out and Explore

If you find it difficult to decide on a design that fits your personality, try exploring outside your home. Attend art exhibits, visit a museum, or flip through your magazines. You can also explore Pinterest boards and compile each one that makes your heart flutter, and see if it gives you the design theme that matches your personality. Sometimes, all you need is some inspiration to spark that creativity in you.

4.  Be Confident About Your Choice

When you decide on what design scheme to apply for your renovation, you have to be confident about your choice. While it is good to listen to experts about interior design, your decision should be the priority. After all, it is your personality that you’ll want to reflect on your home. Once you have a design in mind, do not be afraid to experiment. You have to accept that personalities can change over time, and you have to respect your evolution as a person.

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5.  Ask for Help

Sometimes, choosing a design based on your personality can be confusing. Your mood may change, or you may be considering what others might think about your design. When this happens, it’s best to ask for input from other people. Talk to people who know you the best and ask for recommendations.


As you take on this task of designing based on your personality, you would realize that this journey allows you to discover more about yourself. As many experts say, designing a home is a journey. In the end, you will gain more self-confidence, and, of course, add a bit of creativity to your life. 

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