5 Metal Building Transformation Ideas

Do you have a metal building on your property or are thinking about investing in one? These outdoor buildings have many uses and aren’t just there for storage purposes. In the past, people have transformed their metal buildings into home offices and gyms that they can use whenever they want. Here, we are going to give you some metal building transformation ideas for the interior designer within you. Keep reading to hear some of our ideas.

For many people, going to the local gym can be a real task and when you finally motivate yourself to go – you find that there’s already someone on the machine that you’d like to use. This is why you should think about turning your metal building into a personal gym. Ifyou use the Armstrong Steel website who are the top choice for do it yourselves, you can design your building however you like to fit your workout style. In the long run, you’ll save money on your monthly membership fee.



Have you always wanted to have your own home office? A metal building can be easily transformed into the perfect office space for those running their own businesses or even those just starting up. Designing your home office is really easy and you can adapt the design to the way in which you work. Remember to use bright colours to make the space enjoyable to work in.

Living Space

Our next metal building transformation idea for those who consider themselves to have an eye for design is to create another living space. If you don’t fancy sleeping out in a separate building, you could turn this space into another living room where you can entertain your guests. Choose a nice colour scheme, add some furniture and possibly even a large TV to make this the ultimate chill-out room.

Relaxation Room

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If you always find that you struggle to get some time to yourself then why not transform your metal building into a relaxation room? Add some beanbags, candles and mood lighting to make this room the ultimate relaxation space. You could even add some bookshelves if you enjoy reading to relax. Make this suit your personality and you will enjoy this brand new space.

Kid’s Den

Our final idea for those who are thinking about transforming their metal buildings is to turn it into a den for your kids. If you’re sick of always having to clean up after your kids or listen to them being loud then consider turning this space into somewhere for them to play. You could add some of their favourite games, a games console or even turn it into a mini cinema. They will love their new den and you will love decorating it to suit what they like.

Final Verdict

There are so many different design routes that you can go down when transforming your metal building. Make sure to consider some of the ideas that we have given you in this article and you will love what you have done with this space.


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