4 Tips to purchasing blinds

Window blinds are a great investment for your home. They’re effective in controlling light and provide privacy. There are two very crucial things to consider when shopping for which window treatment to get. They come in a lot of styles, colors, and patterns, so it’ll be easy to find one that matches your home. If you’ve decided to purchase blinds for your windows, read up on the following tips before cashing in on them:


  • Consult a window professional

Installing blinds may not be a major home renovation but it still merits the expertise of professionals. Talking to Make My Blinds is an effective first move in determining which blinds to get for your home. If you don’t want to be bothered with the whole thinking process of getting new blinds, better call an expert. They know what to do, what to check, and will guide you in choosing and installing blinds in your house.

It also helps if you know someone who’s savvy in home decorating. If you’re not too keen on talking to paid experts, maybe consulting to your friends or family will do. Ask someone you trust about their opinion on what type and color to use. It helps to share the burden!


  • Measure accurately

Before you go out and check for blinds, it helps to measure your space first. This gives you an idea of how much square footage to order, so you can immediately calculate how much it’ll cost you. A lot of homeowners make the the mistake of not measuring their windows correctly. This results in ill-fitted treatments, which need to be adjusted, in the end causing delay.

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There are several measuring guides online. Each of them specific to the type of blinds you wish to install. Before you start measuring, consider the kind of blinds you want to put up, and where is it going to be mounted. Will it be installed inside or outside the window recess? Once you have decided, take a steel measuring tape and record up to nearest eighth of the inch. This ensures you don’t get the wrong size.

  • Consider the room you’re furnishing

What area in your house do you want to furnish with blinds? Each space is unique so you may want to consider the overall theme of the room before deciding to put up blinds in it. Look at the colors of the wall, the purpose of the room, and the existing decor. These factors help you decide on the type of blinds that would harmonize with the room. If you’re decorating a kitchen, sheer shades may look great as it allows more light in the room. If you’re furnishing your bedroom, try getting shutter blinds or dark shades for more privacy and insulation. Knowing which direction the window is facing also helps in determining the kind of shade to use. Thicker shades are advisable for windows facing the sun, and so on.

  • Enjoy your new blinds!

Home projects like these are truly an enjoyable project. The process of picking the right shade, considering the materials, the cost, the room to be furnished, they’re all rewarding in the end. Always remember that you’re not just buying blinds, you’re upgrading your home.

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