4 Tips to decorating with minimalism

Minimalism involves the simplicity in decorating or arranging items in an area where you only have the things that you need and set aside what you don’t need. When decorating with minimalism, there is a limitation to things like space, lighting and other household items. This decorating style is bold and brings out an appealing, organized look and creates a stress free environment in your home. Here are tips on how you can achieve that appealing, functional and relaxing style in your home.

1. Choose a moderate color combination

When selecting the colors that you want to use in your interior décor, choose one color or theme. White is a great choice since it is neutral and brightens up a room. Brighter colors can be added for those who have kids and would like colorful décor though it should not exceed two colors. If you find a neutral color to be too dull, you can include furniture which has additional tones and textures blending with the color palette or items like rugs with brighter colors.

Some of the additional color combinations to a white color that you can use include muted green, oak, charcoal, and taupe.  An oak sofa or even a green plant placed by the window can be placed to complement the room décor and furniture. Too many textures and different tones on furniture makes the room look full.

2. Create enough space

Minimalism is supposed to display an organized set up of items. Cluttered items that are scattered all over the place give a disorganized and cluttered look. Any items that are piled up somewhere like on the table such as books and accessories should be arranged on the shelves, in drawers or put in a storage box. However, what you choose to arrange on the shelves should only be the necessary items and the rest stored in drawers and cabinets.

3. Balance the furniture and accessories

A proper arrangement of your furniture and other items makes a room look neat and organized instead of cramped. Find and purchase the right furniture that complements your color and the rest of the furniture. Sofas that are L-shaped create more space for other furniture pieces such as coffee tables and side tables. Variously shaped furniture gives your home an appealing look.

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Balance the positioning of accessories like mirrors, floating shelves, house plants, art, and lighting. The same applies to the shapes that you choose. Square and circular mirrors make a small room appear larger, airy and bright.

4. Shapes, curves, and lines

The best minimalist décor should display an aesthetic value and balance between shapes and patterns. There should be fewer items with patterns to avoid overpowering the décor. If you have to use prints, ensure that they complement the furniture and décor. Prints and patterns can also be on rugs and sofa cushions, but do not overdo the number of items with patterns.

Go minimalist and make your home look simple but classy and appealing to a sense of style and elegance. More guidelines on how to decorate your home with the best decor ideas can be found on sites such as Holiday Cottages.

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