4 Easy Decor Upgrades for Your Living Room

Have you been looking at the same view from your couch for years? Is your living room more likely to inspire an accidental snooze than a burst of inspiration and energy? If you answered yes to either of those questions, we’ve got some news for you: it’s time to revamp your living room.

The good news is that you don’t have to start from scratch to give your living room a new lease on life! With a few tasteful décor upgrades—plus your staple furniture pieces—your living space can reach its full potential. You’ll get butterflies in your stomach every time you step into the room, just like you did when you first moved in.

Here are four easy décor updates to get you started, and none of them will require lifting bulky furniture or mixing up a new shade of paint. These are fun projects that you’ll enjoy tackling on a spare weekend afternoon.

What’s on Your Wall?

People change. Tastes change. Rooms should change with them. Is the same sun-faded print from college still hanging prominently in plain view? Has your dusty tapestry seen better days? It’s time to put your walls to better use!

Three-dimensional wall hangings—from sculptures to mirrors, shelving and vintage animal skulls—add instant texture and interest to any living space. Invest in a few attention-grabbing wall hangings to liven up your environment. Bonus: You’ll be giving guests a great conversation starter during the tour of your home.

Change the Curtains

Curtains might conjure up ideas of eras past, but there’s a reason these window treatments have persisted through the ages. Looking to add some drama and elegance to your living room? Ditch your plastic blinds or paper shades and install fabric curtains instead.

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During the day, you can tie them back for a lavish feel. At night, you can close them and enjoy their color, texture and pattern in full splendor. For a modern twist, choose cropped curtains in a bold pattern. For old-world elegance, let your new, neutral-toned draperies trail all the way from floor to ceiling.

Let There Be Light

Are you totally in the dark about why your living room is so lackluster? Maybe it’s time to flip the switch and illuminate what’s right in front of your face (literally and figuratively). While many people think of light sources as primarily functional, they also do important work in perpetuating your chosen design scheme.

You want to create a cozy living room workspace that’s also great for unwinding with a book, crossword puzzle or magazine. To achieve this, simply add a modern desk lamp to your favorite sturdy surface and voila, you’ve got a fresh take on form and function! You’ll reap all the benefits of task lighting with all the aesthetic pleasure of modern simplicity.


Add a Touch of Green

Our homes are a perpetual work in progress. They’re living, breathing entities that require plenty of care and attention. The same goes for plants. Maybe that’s why they’re a match made in heaven. Adding indoor plants will give your living room an undeniable vibrancy!

Even if you don’t have the world’s greenest thumb, you can start with easy-to-grow houseplants that purify the air as they thrive. All you’ll need to get started are a few pots with ample drainage, some potting soil and your choice of greenery. Pothos plants are a popular choice for beginners because of their beautiful, trailing vines and hardy nature. Or, you can go bold and get your very own indoor tree!

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Your living room is already a treasure trove of potential. With a few tweaks, you can revitalize this common space into a jaw-dropping haven for relaxation and recharging.Now what are you waiting for? Go find the lamps, curtains, plants and wall art that will turn your living room from drab to fab!

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