3D Acoustic Tiles By Mauricio Affonso

3D Acoustic Tiles By Mauricio Affonso – Brazilian born designer Mauricio Affonso in his Luffa Lab in London found a way to create 3D acoustic tiles from the tropical vine plant providing raw material for the beauty industry. Affonso has been exploring how the luffa plant can be harvested as an environmentally sustainable material that can be used beyond the eco-friendly homes.

He combined the practicality, regal aesthetic and jaw-dropping curiosity of the INDIGO 3D acoustic tiles. The recent graduate from the Design Products program at the Royal College of Art in London explores new applications for the luffa material with his INDIGO acoustic tiles made of molded luffa plant.


Luffa fibres form a complex network of cellulose that act like an open cell foam material that is both extremely strong and lightweight. Affonso invented applications for the highly absorbent and antimicrobial material in packaging, filters, low cost splints and acoustic insulation.

Soundproofing, the process of reducing sound pressure via a noise barrier using damping structures, is a delicate art that requiring dexterous materials that prevent sound leakage both in and out of a structure. With the porous nature of the luffa, these newly design panels can actually expand and contact to cover more space (and fill in more cracks) than non-organic materials.

Mauricio Affonso’s tiles are nominated for the Design Museum Designs of the Year 2014.



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