3 Tips for Repurposing Unused Garage Space

Sometimes you find that you have unused garage space for one reason or another. Perhaps you are a one vehicle family or maybe one of your vehicles is actually too big to fit through the doors or in the allotted space. If you have a great deal of space just begging to be used, have you thought of repurposing it for other uses you may not have room for elsewhere? Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Use It for That Shop You’ve Always Dreamed Of

Many people have always wanted to build a shop where they could repair household items or even build new handcrafted things like furniture or décor. With the cost of equipment these days, many homeowners are reluctant to use an unsecure storage shed removed from the home, and so they never get around to building a shop. However, a garage is the perfect option for this. When it comes to garage doors, a company like Charlotte Openers serving the Charlotte area of North Carolina can suggest the safest and most secure garage door openers on the market today. They are known for their services in repairing and insulating garage doors, so they are the experts to ask when you want to ensure the security of the costly equipment you will be putting in after you’ve had your doors repaired or rehinged.

2. Build a Home Office

In most, if not all states, you can use all or a portion of your garage for extra space you don’t have inside the home. However, in many states actually ‘living’ in the garage is against local ordinances unless certain requirements are met. California is one such state and is now allowing the use of garages for living spaceunder certain conditions. It must be legally enclosed and insulated according to state and local statutes. However, no one will be sleeping in a home office so often building permits and other costly factors are not involved. Of course, you will want adequate climate control and safety, but the cost of permits and inspections is not required.

3. Enclose a Space for Home Fitness

If every room in your home is spoken for, you might not have room for an entertainment room or a family fitness room. Why not repurpose part of the garage for that purpose? Here again, you will need to enclose a space that can be climate controlledfor those sweat-inducing workouts. However, unless anyone will be sleeping in that fitness room, and it’s doubtful they will, there’s usually no need to obtain building permits unless any changes are made to the structure of the home.

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In today’s economy, few families have the financial wherewithal to move to larger homes, so repurposing the garage for that much-needed extra space can be the ideal solution. Just be cognizant of how it will be used and if, in doing so,it will violate local and/or state laws. It may be that with a simple fix of those garage doors, you can secure the area easily while enclosing that area for the comfort of climate control. In the end, it really is more cost-effective to repurpose available space than to move to a bigger home!

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