3 Easy Ways to Maintain Your Lawn

A healthy, luscious lawn doesn’t just increase the street appeal of your home. It also serves as a recreation area for the kids, an entertaining area for family events and it can help keep down the temperature of your home. Keeping your lawn looking picture-perfect is not without its challenges. Tough weather conditions, high water prices and time-poor property owners can all have an effect on the appearance of lawn. Here are some easy ways to maintain your lawn and keep it looking fantastic.

1. Get Your Mowing Skills Down Pat

A top-quality mower is a solid investment for anyone with a yard. Choose a lawnmower that you will feel comfortable using, whether it be a ride-on or manual mower; self-propelled or a push model. Battery-operated lawnmowers have also come a long way in recent years; look for a reputable brand such as Ryobi if you are considering this option.

Start out by mowing the perimeter or the edge of the grass. Then mow in straight lines, overlapping each line slightly. Straight lines will make the lawn look clean and tidy, even if it is not a conventional shape. You can also choose to leave small clippings on your lawn to replace the nutrients.


2. Embrace Good Watering Habits

The right watering technique encourages the proper growth you need for a healthy lawn. Make sure your watering is done early in the morning where possible. Alternatively, water in the evening. This reduces evaporation levels and makes it more likely the water will seep deeper into the soil. When watering, you want the soil at least four inches down to be wet. This encourages deeper root growth, which means you won’t have to water quite as often. There is no set rules or timeline in which you should water your garden. This will depend on the variety of lawn, weather conditions and type of soil it is growing on.

3. Aerate Your Lawn

Aeration is necessary to alter the natural ‘settling’ that a growing lawn does. A settled or compacted lawn will show signs of discolour, doesn’t absorb water well and the grass will dry off faster. Aerating your lawn allows the soil to breathe better, increases the ability of the soil to drain and allows nutrients to reach the root system. If you live on a sloping block that has grass, aeration is particularly important.

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To aerate your lawn you can use a garden fork, aerating shoes, powered aerators or a rolling aerator. The type of lawn you have will dictate the time of year you should start aerating, as it is usually done during the growing season. Make sure the lawn is moist before you start, then pass over the lawn twice (in alternating directions). Once you have finished, you can either rake up all the pieces of removed soil and grass (known as cores) or they can be left to gradually break down.

Now that you have the tools and advice to easily care for your lawn, there is no excuse for brown lawns or weeds. What are some other easy ways to maintain lawns?

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