Bar Stools: Shopping Ideas

Bar Stools: Shopping Ideas – Picking out a bar will be a matter of taste, style and decor. But, picking out bar stools should be something done with a few of other thoughts in mind.

There are a few different styles of bar stools on the market. They range from very simple places to sit to decorative and detailed seating options. Here’s a look at the styles you may be choosing from.

Plain bar stools

The first option you will always have when choosing bar stools is the plain bar stool. This, essentially, is a seat that is on top of four legs. There is not much more to this than a place to rest your backside and belly up to the bar. The only thing you really need to think about is which of the seating options you want. From flat wood seats to fluffy cushioned seats there are plenty of options to choose from to suit every bar theme.


Bar stools with backs

The next option is to choose a bar stool that has a back. These are meant for a little more comfort when having a drink. They also generally are meant for people who are going to spend a little more time at the bar. Think about it. Do you want to have to balance and sit, holding yourself sitting straight the whole time you are at the bar? This isn’t a problem if you are there for just a little while. But, if you want to sit at the bar for any real duration of time, then wouldn’t it be nice to be able to lean back and relax? This is just what you can do if you have bar stools with backs.

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Bar stools with armrests

The next level of bar stools is having ones that not only have backs but also armrests. These are meant for complete comfort and relaxation while sitting at the bar. Not only can you lean back, but you can also rest your arms at comfortably and loosen up while enjoying your favorite drinks. One thing to think about if you are considering bar stools with armrests is that they take up more space than the other options. The reason for this is that it takes a little more space to be able to get into or out of these bar stools because of the added armrests. Also, armrests generally curve out, to make sure those sitting inside are comfortable, and this takes some more space.


Choosing the bar stools for your bar is going to be mostly a choice relating to your own personal style and taste. But knowing what is on the market and the benefits of the options can help you narrow down to the style that is just right for your new home entertaining area.





Hewn Wood Bar Stool, West Elm


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