interior design

May 11th, 2014
Health Conscious Interior Designs – Trend 2014

Health Conscious Interior Designs – Trend 2014. The materials which are used in building, decorating and furnishing the home are an issue which is being addressed by architects and interior designers.

Designing a home with the environment and the well-being of the people in mind is called sustainable designing. Health conscious interior designs means that paints, upholstery, insulation, wood stain and other synthetic materials used in the home which cause hypoallergenic reactions and possible serious health problems are being replaced with those which don’t have such negative side effects.

May 9th, 2014
How To Decorate Your Hallway Successfully

How you can decorate your hallway successfully? A home hallway, the pathway within – can be quite long or may be less than eight feet but it always leads people into your house and often generates the first impression. Decorating the hallway for maximum efficiency and use begins with good planning.

What to avoid when decorate your hallway?

If there is one thing a homeowner should avoid when choosing a decorating style for their hallway it is color arrangements that make the hallway appear smaller and darker. If the color scheme in a hallway is too dark, it can take on a tomb-like aura. It may also be a safety problem unless sufficient lighting is readily available in all areas of the length of the hall.

May 5th, 2014
Modern Living Room Bean Bags

The modern living room bean bag and bean bag chair has exploded in popularity in recent years, this fun form of furniture has found its way over from the warmer climates of Spain, Italy and France and is now making it big in the UK.

The modern living room bean bags are inherently fun pieces of furniture. Ridiculously comfortable, lightweight and colorful, it is no wonder why kids absolutely adore them. The living room bean bag allows people to have a good looking, affordable piece of furniture in their living room that they do not mind the kids clambering over or playing on.