Bachelor’s Bedroom Ideas

A bedroom is more than just a place to sleep, and an unattached man has the freedom of designing and decorating his bachelor’s bedroom abode in any style or theme he desires. Just because a man is a bachelor does not mean his bedroom has to be in disarray with nothing more than a bed, dresser, and other common necessities. A thoughtfully arranged and tastefully decorated bedroom will make a man feel like a king in his very own bachelor’s castle, and a decorating a bedroom with romance in mind will greatly impress the love interest in his life.

Bachelor pads are portrayed to be occupied with men with a hedonistic approach to life that’s all about having fun and very little to do with life’s mundane chores which often disgusts women related to or involved with them.

You’re looking for a change, but aren’t sure where to start. Do you add some color to your walls, or move your bedroom into the living room and vice versa? Do you follow one of those new decorating mantras, or give up altogether and call it a day?

When you’re tired of your image, sometimes all it takes is a change in hairstyle or a new pair of eyeglasses to put a new spin on the same old you. Well, the same applies to your home.

Tips for a Bachelor’s Pad

Men, although single, prefer to have a bed where they can have more space. Some may choose to have a single bed but a lot of guys would settle to having a full-size. For men who want some opulence in their bedroom a queen or king size bed is a good option. The male sex prefers larger beds! A very masculine bedroom is one that has a metal bed specifically if it is buffed up. Wooden bedroom furniture that ar of oak or mahogany materials has a very modish appeal.

1. Get it into your subconscious that it is ‘uncool’ to be messy. Having said that it never was a turn-on to anybody, anyway.

2. You probably already own everything you need. Everything just needs to be in the right place and in order.

3. If you make your bed each morning you already are in a very elite minority! Not only will it make your room look clean, but it will help you develop skill sets that will be noticed elsewhere.

4. Have a process for everything. The last time we checked they were not yet smart enough to invent clothes that washed, organized or ironed themselves. So YOU need to take care of the laundry logistics.

5. Take pride in being known as someone prepared for anything. Keep an overnight kit for guests such as packaged toothbrush and extra towels. You never know when this might come in handy.

6. Now for some designer touches for those willing to spend a bit for the look:

– Framed black and white prints on your walls.
– Big sofa, big TV, DVD set, speakers (Entertainments spaces generally have high priority)
– Games, gym items, bureau and gadgets!

Bedroom Decor For Bachelor Pads

Another important area of the house that should always be clean is your bedroom. We recommend to clean the sheets every 2 weeks with no exceptions. For the bedding, there are many options. A memory foam top that is 4 inches thick can make a hard bed feel like a million bucks. This will make any mattress feel like pure luxury. The sheets we chose include a down comforter and high thread count.

Make an effort to make your bed and keep the area as clean as possible. Art in this room says a lot so pick out some pieces that may have some meaning to you (posters, photographs etc.)

Candles around the bed area can add a nice touch to any bedroom. Whether they are on shelves or in their own stands, lighting a candle will help set the mood.

Another important part of the bedroom is room temperature and not to feel small. A ceiling or floor fan can help to circulate air and get rid of the small feeling in the room.

The basic principal to decorating your bedroom is to keep the woman in mind. Make her feel comfortable and she will want to come back. Of course the bedroom is the best place to move from comfort to seduction, so be sure you have you game straight and don’t fall into any traps such as the “Let’s be friends”.

Add Color

When decorating, many people are afraid to add color to walls for fear it will appear too bold or make a room look smaller. Decorating with color adds interest to a room, and unless a room is very small to begin with, it really will not appear much smaller as a result of a color selection. Adding color while decorating a bachelor’s bedroom is a great way to convey personal style, and it is a great way for a man to add a stamp of individuality to his room.

If you do not want to go too dark or too bold when painting or decorating bedroom walls with wallpaper, consider adding drama by painting or papering a single wall. Paint the remaining walls with a coordinating lighter color, and turn your bachelor’s bedroom abode into a bedroom that reflects your style and unique personality.

Bedding Matters

Men should have a bed that’s more than a simple box spring and mattress covered in bedding, and bachelor’s can add a touch of style to the décor and decorating scheme by purchasing classy new bedding that includes matching sheets, a bed skirt, pillow shams, and a comforter or bedspread. Consider the color of painted walls or a color in the wallpaper, and choose the bedding accordingly.

Bedroom Décor

Throw away your preconceived notions and ideas on masculine bedroom décor, and put away the childhood trophies and trinkets. Add romance and decorating style to a bachelor’s room with an array of pillar candles, a large vase of fragrant dried flowers such as lavender, eucalyptus, and baby’s breath, and invest in a large bedroom mirror to give the room dimension and romantic appeal. Keep in mind that less is more when decorating a bachelor’s bedroom, and select a few quality items of interest to display on nightstands, shelves, and dressers.

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