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The design style known as Americana is more than just stars, stripes and the American flag – although it can certainly be that too! In fact, the Americana design style encompasses everything and anything that deals with American culture and history. If you want to proudly display your patriotism or just love a red, white and blue color scheme, then Americana decorating ideas are going to be a perfect fit for your home. This distinctively American decorating style has been popular for generations. People who hung the American flag in their homes naturally were drawn to items that matched the flag’s colors and design and used them to accessorize their spaces.

If your interior designer is familiar with the Americana design style, you can be assured that they will not steer you in the wrong direction. If you are interested in Americana decorating ideas for your home, you may want to start by painting your walls a nice neutral color. White or light beige walls make a great backdrop for colorful flag themed pieces. If you prefer some color on the walls, you may want to opt for red or blue walls. However, be prepared to have at least a few of the pieces of Americana you find clash with your new wall color. The red coloring on these pieces can vary from a deep maroon to a faded, almost pink shade of red and blues can vary just as much.

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When the walls are freshly painted, it is time to start hunting for your furniture and accessories. If you are looking for rustic Americana décor, you may want to consider mixing shabby painted furniture and a nice piece of twig furniture in with your Americana pieces. If you are interested in a less primitive look, try adding a few Shaker style pieces that are stained with muted blue gray or maroon colors.

For most people interested in Americana, finding and hanging a lovely vintage flag, flag quilt, or other large flag piece is the ideal way to begin decorating a room. This large piece becomes a focal point for the room and helps tie the completed room’s many small accessories together.


Once the flag is in place, it is a good idea to bring in two or three pieces of furniture that continue the Americana theme or have at least one color in the red, white and blue palette. These pieces will help pull the patriotic theme of the flag from the wall and into the room.

Now, you’ll be able to add all those fun little pieces you’ve collected through the years. While the Americana theme allows the many very different pieces to function as a cohesive collection, you may want to consider grouping similar items together for a more effective display. For example, you could put your five painted cast iron piggy banks on a shelf and display your seven wooden Americana Santa Claus figurines on the fireplace mantel instead of displaying all 12 items together on the sideboard.

After everything is in place, it is time to take a last look at the area to be sure all the little details have been taken care of. It is a smart idea to take a photo of the room before you decide you are finished decorating it, since the photo helps you see the room as it really is, without any of the ideas and dreams you have for future improvements. Make any final adjustments to items you noticed in the photo and then get ready to relax in your new patriotic room.

Some ideas of Americana themes and variations include:

The American Flag and American Patriotism. The most well-know form of Americana design, a room with this theme would typically revolve around hues of the colors red, white and blue, or the motifs of stars and stripes.
An American Icon. Be it a sports star, legend of the silver screen or a celebrated crooner, you can design a room to revolve around your chosen icon and their career.
Colonial elegance. To recall America’s colonial past, this theme uses mainly rustic, down-to-earth – even homemade – furniture, earthy colors with bright accents and nostalgic accessories. This more serious variation on the Americana theme embodies homeliness and warm hospitality.
The Wild West / Log Cabin. Drawing on the tradition of the great outdoors, cowboys and gunfights, the Wild West is a rugged yet charming theme. This style relies on rough woods, course textiles, and elements like animal skins, small rugs and wrought iron to recreate that old-time simplicity of living close to nature.

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